#DressTall : A Dressing Guide for Short Girls

Short girls look younger and too cute, but height can’t be changed. If you’re petite, your height can feel like a serious hindrance to your style. Until science comes up with a way to add a few inches, the Wonder Wardrobes team has come to your rescue with few very clever tips to trick people into thinking that you’re taller than you actually are.

Get a leg up on the competition with these wardrobe tips.

Dress Tall

And yes, FYI Fifty-four percent of American women are 5-foot-4 or under (Just in case if you feel bad about your height)

1. Nude Pointy Shoes :

01 - Pointy Toe Flats 01 - wear nude pointy heels

Wear nude heels with dresses, they create an illusion of one long leg. Avoid shoes with ankle straps for the opposite reason; they’ll cut you off just where you need the illusion of length. Also, remember platform heels can be your best friends. But since nobody can be expected to wear sky high heels all the time, one should have a pair of good pointy flats as pointed toes will lengthen your leg line.

Top Picks : Steve Madden Beige Stilettos, Forever 21 Classic Pointed Flats

2. Wear Vertical Stripes :

02 - Vertical Stripe maxi dress 02 - Vertical Strips

One of the oldest trick is to wear vertical stripes. Vertical lines create long lines, thus making you appear taller than you actually are.

Top Picks : Zara Vertical Stripe Dress, Forever 21 Flounced Vertical Striped Dress

3. Wear Thin Waist Belts :

Dress Tall 2

When it comes to belts, petite females should always opt for thin waist belts. Thin waist belts define your natural waist in the most flattering way possible but won’t cut you out because of the skinniness.

Top Picks : KOOVS Clasp Front Skinny Belt, Solid Color Leather Adjustable Skinny Belt

4. Ditch Those Big Handbags :

04- Ditch handbags

Every time you cause the eye to take in width, you reduce the amount of height it takes in. That means smaller cross-body bags, slings, clutches, and small top-handle totes are your best bet.

Top Picks : Miss Bennett London Black Microfiber Tassle Sling Bag, Dorothy Perkins Light Blue Large Plait Satchel Bag

5. Go for V Necks :

05 - Wear V neck

Tops and dresses with V neck give the illusion of a longer, leaner torso.

Top Picks : KOOVS V-Neck Cross Over Bodycon Dress, Forever 21 Dropped Shoulder V-Neck Top

6. Pick High Waist Bottoms :

06 - high waist jeans06 - Wear high waist jeans

High waist bottoms when worn correctly, can trick people into thinking that you’re taller just by elongating your lower body. Whether you choose skirts, shorts or skinny jeans, be sure to make the elevated waist visible by tucking in the tees, tops or shirts, or opting for a slightly cropped top.

Top Picks : ASOS Petite Highwaisted Tube Jean, Forever 21 Ribbed Skater Skirt

7. Go for Tailored or Petite Section :

07 - petite jeans07 - petite section

Head to the petite department, where clothing is tailored for women 5-foot-4 and under or get it tailored by your own. Also Boyfriend Jeans can do this trick pretty well.

Top Picks : Forever 21 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans, ASOS PETITE Whitby Jean in Trent Mid Wash with Shredded Knees

8. Have fun with Top Knot & Pouf Hairstyles :

08 - top knot


08 pouf haisrtyle 2

Getting all your hair on top of your head in a knot really does give a taller impression, again creating a more vertical line. Same goes for hair that’s simply voluminous—it adds inches.

Top Picks : Hair Bumpits

9. Go Pale :

09 - go pale

Yes! Denim is a wonderful fabric, no doubt; but, try to go for pale this time when you shop. It will make you look taller.

Top Picks : Pale Pink Pleated Dress, Draped Gown

10. Flared Pants or Maxi Skirts :

10 - flared jeans

10 - maxi skirts10 maxi skirts

This creates the illusion of a longer leg especially when the hem hits the top of your heels. Also, a well-cut maxi skirt can actually give you the appearance of looking taller.

Top Picks : KOOVS Soft Touch Denim Flare Dungaree, NOBLE FAITH Pleated Maxi Skirt, Forever 21 Pintucked Maxi Skirt

11. Go Short :

11- go short

When you’re small, it’s just a trick that, when it comes to skirts and dresses, you should either go super-long, or super-short. Dresses should end either slightly above the knee or be ankle-length; anything in-between will cut your silhouette in half. Meaning, avoid calf and knee length. Also, avoid cropped jeans. Mini-skirts show more skin, which creates the illusion of longer legs.

Top Picks : OASIS Patched Shadow Print Mini Skirt, Forever 21 Belted Polka Dot Skirt

12. Buy Small Prints :

12 - small prints 212 - small prints

Never wear a pattern or print that is bigger than your fist.

Top Picks : H&M Sleeveless Dress, KOOVS Asymmetric Ruffle Swing Dress In Floral Print

13. One Solid Color :

13 - one color 313 - one color2

Using color to enhance the illusion of height is an effective strategy, as it helps create a vertical line. While wearing head-to-toe black is the simplest option, saturated hues work well too.

Top Picks : ASOS Maternity Exclusive Jumpsuit In Sheer And Solid, Red Solid Jumpsuit, White Solid Jumpsuit, Black Solid Jumpsuit

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