#Earrings 101: How To Pick The Perfect Earrings

Hello there! We all have had that moment when we bought some earrings online but when we tried them on, they just didn’t go well with our face. I bet many of you may have struggled with the question that which kind of earrings are the best fit for you? Well, congrats because your struggle is over. While we strongly feel that all bodies and all face shapes are beautiful, here is a quick guide on what sort of earrings could just heighten your gorgeousness even more! Read along and never go shopping unprepared again!

1. Round

If your face shape is round then girls, you could go for some long and angular shapes for your earrings. You might want to try out some long teardrops or chandelier earrings which will balance your face and give you the required edge to make you look even more elegant.

2. Square

Square shaped faces are naturally angular. While giving a sense of repetition, wearing angular or wide earrings can also override your natural facial features. Whereas wearing round elongated earrings, like danglers or hoops, can soften your edges and bring out your very best.

3. Oval

Oval is the longer kind of round face shape and also the most common one. If you have an oval face, you might want to try out some studs or teardrops to enhance your face and make you look all the more spectacular.

4. Diamond

Diamond shaped face is elongated with a little more edge to the cheekbones than the rest of the face. Talking about earrings, some elegant curvy danglers or hoops will soften your naturally sharp features and make you look stunningly more beautiful.

5. Heart

This face shape comes with a wide forehead and small chin and is also called the inverted triangle face shape. Elongated lines and curves are proven to enhance your features even more. Try out some long chandelier and teardrop earrings to add a lovely contrast to your face.

Having said all that, wear whatever you like, ladies! #YouDoYou

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