Easy breezy D.I.Y nail art discovered!

I had been itching to get my hands (nails) perfect at nail art for quite some time now. And I must say I used to fail miserably at it once upon a time. Every single time I looked at those fancy nail art designs, I would attempt those immediately and let me tell you, I am not a very good artist. So you can imagine the disaster I used to create of my nails. So, after repeated attempts, I was very disheartened and had started sticking to just painting my nails a single, boring color. But not till a few days ago! I decided to give it one more try and OMG, I found the coolest, most amazingly fun DIY nail art to try! I was so happy cos I finally found something I could do right in the first attempt! And make my talons look like a million bucks too! So here, if you ever found yourself in a sad situation like mine, go ahead and lift your spirits(nails) high up for everyone to see! 😀 😉

Starburst magic-


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This is quite chic and fun to do! All you have to do is paint whichever color you want your star to be as the base color. Cut a sticky tape in the shape as shown in the image and stick it above the base coat once it dries. Now paint over the tape any color you want and voila! You have cute starburst shapes all over your nails!

starburst nails


2. Feathered talons-

Feather nails

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So if you are an aviary fan and wish for some feathered love, then this is the manicure for you!

It’s cute and super easy. All you need are some craft supplies and a base coat. You’ll be done and ready to flaunt your feathery talons within no time!

3. Artistic splatter-


Image Source

This is for all the art buffs out there who like a little bit of creativity wherever they go! And the best part is you don’t even need anything extra except your paint brushes! Just apply a base coat, preferably white so your colors really shine through. Now get some nail paint onto that brush and rustle the paint brush back and forth so that the paint splatters onto your nails. A superb unique design on your nails quite like your creations!

4. Adorable Ombre-

Ombre nails

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Now, I know this is quite an adorable manicure! You can play around the shades and create some fantastic envy-worthy manicure! Who knew you could use sponges for something other then foundation too? 😮

5. Lace it up!


Image Source


All the pretty ladies out there, you wouldn’t wanna miss trying out this! Such a delicate and dainty design that too with no efforts! Just as for the feathered manicure above, all that needs to be done is painting a topcoat over the lace and trimming it to suit your nail shape.  Now, who can I hear say “yay!”?

6. Strippy stripes-


Image Source


Simple, quick and gorgeous! All the right ingredients for a perfect manicure right here. Just give it a try! Your make-up brush will also come in handy for these beautiful nails. All you gotta do is sweep it across your nails in any direction you like. And make sure to flaunt those babies every chance you get! 😉

7. Foiled fun-

Foiled nails

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Remember all those extra craft supplies you stowed away as soon as you grew up? Well guess what! You can take them out right-away and create some amazing abstract nails! Get some glue on over your base coat, stick your fav foil paper and take it off after a few seconds. You’ll be left with these cute little abstract patterns once you are done with sticking them all!

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