Easy Ways To Alter Your Look!

We aren’t all daredevils when it comes to the beauty front. But we still desire a change in our looks from time to time without making any drastic alterations. Believe it or not, tweaking your look just a little can have a huge impact on your appearance. tweak your look If you aren’t ready to take risks with your appearance just yet, then we have a solution for you! We present to you super easy ways to freshen up your look without permanently making major changes. As they say, ‘ A little goes a long way.’ So read on for ways to easily update your look from blah to glamorous in minutes!

Try a different hairstyle!

change hairstyle Are you more of a straight hair fan? Then it’s time you fetch out your curling tongs! Or if you usually go for curly locks, then try going straight for once. This is the most harmless and easiest way to give your hair a whole new dimension without cutting them or getting them coloured. It’s quick and so not permanent and can be easily reversed. Curling, straightening, crimping, the options are endless!

Change the way you dress!

dresses Do you usually head out in a pair of jeans and a basic tee? Then turn up your glamour quotient by opting for a dress instead. This tiny little change goes a long way. Slip into some sexy pumps too while you are at it and strut away in style!

Go red!

red lips Nothing screams sexy like a good shade of red lipstick. Red brightens up your entire face like nothing can and acts like an instant pick me up. Thought red lips aren’t for you? There’s a perfect shade of red out there for all of us. The trick lies in finding your perfect match. It’ll make you wonder why you ever stepped out without it! Once you go red, you just can’t go back!

Try accessorising!

accessorising Accessories can sass up any outfit in a jiffy. Accessorising is often neglected, while accessories actually complete the entire outfit and make your overall look much more chic. Something as simple as a chunky necklace or an intricate little bracelet can truly spruce up any outfit. A little bling can do so much!

Jazz up your eyes!

smokey eye Trust us on this, playing up your eyes can make a world of difference. If you usually go with more pastel and nude shades, switch up to a bold smokey eye or if you aren’t willing to go that far, falsies are the way to go. While if black is too extreme for you, try navy blue or brown eye pencils. They are more subtle but equally effective alternatives. Don’t be afraid of experimenting!

Play up your eyebrows!

play up your brows If you have always had very fine and thin brows, growing them out and going a little bushier will change your appearance for the better. Find out the right brow shape for you according to your face type and mold your brows according to that. Go to a professional if you require some added assistance. Investing in your eyebrows is something you will never regret. You will be surprised to know, how much of a difference a well groomed pair of brows can make! There you go, ladies! Who said makeovers had to be extreme? Make use of these quick and easy tips to alter your appearance without any hassle!

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