Essentials of a woman’s wardrobe

Fashion has become an important part of our lives and each and everyone of us wants to look fashionable everyday. Fashion is basically how comfortable you are in what you are wearing and at the same time staying stylish and classy. There are a lot of trends that come from time to time and people just start following these trends irrespective of thinking how they will look on them. So, fashion doesn’t mean that you blindly follow the current trends. It is important that you should know your body type and dress accordingly. You should follow the trends only if it is comfortable to your body and it suits your body type.

For looking good everyday, you need to have some basic essentials in your wardrobe for the particular occasion and place. Some of these essentials are listed below :

  1. The Little Black Dress (LBD)

    A little black dress or LBD is a must in your wardrobe for a perfect evening party. You can choose your black dress according to your body type whether its an off-shoulder dress or skater dress and a lot more. A LBD is a must have. Recommened brands – Zara, H&M, Mango.

  2.  A well fitted denims

    A good pair of denims is something that every girl should have. The denims should not be too loose or too tight for your skin. So, make sure that it fits you perfectly before buying it. Recommended brands – Levis, Pepe Jeans, Forever21.!2992!3!57852020692!!!g!!&ef_id=Vie4egAABIXMAEtY:20160928145900:s

  3. Comfortable Ballet Flats for everyday

    Ballet flats are comfortable and best for everyday use whether you are going to your college or for shopping where you have to travel a lot. Recommended brands – Bata, Puma.

  4. A pair of sunglasses

    For protecting your eyes from the sun and looking stylish at the same time, a pair of sunglasses is all you need. You can choose your sunglasses according to your face type and ensure that it looks good on you before buying it. Recommended brands – RayBan, Fasttrack.

  5. An Ethnic Dress

    For a wedding or some traditional functions in your family, you need a good ethnic dress whether its an anarkali or a simple salwar kameez suit. You need to look your traditional best in your family or relatives.!2992!3!46605594231!!!g!!&ef_id=Vie4egAABIXMAEtY:20160928150241:s

  6. A pair of Heels

    Heels go with almost everything whether its a well fitted jeans or a one-piece. Heels add a touch of glamour to your look and it looks classy. You can choose from a variety of different types of heels whether they are peep-toes or stilletoes or even pumps. Recommended brands – Aldo, Metro, Charles and Keith.

  7. A well fitted white shirt

    A well fitted white shirt is needed for all the professional meetings in your office. It looks smart and can be paired with a good fitted trousers that will complete an professional office look.

  8. A large bag

    For carrying all your personal needs, a large bag is recommended to carry all your stuff with you whenever you travel and need most of the things. Recommended brands – Aldo, Da Milano, Charles and Keith.!2992!3!44233436011!!!g!!&ef_id=Vie4egAABIXMAEtY:20160919172231:s

  9. Accessories

    Accessories are an important part of your look as it can completely change the look of the dress you are wearing. It is good to have some accessories to complete your look whether its a neck-piece or a ring or a bracelet. Recommended brands – Accessorize, Lifestyle, Globus.

  10. A classy watch

    A watch makes you look smart and even looks stylish with your clothes. So, a watch is essential for your wardrobe. Recommended brands – Titan, Fast track, Tommy Hilfiger.

So, ladies what are you waiting for, get up, dress up and show up. Stay stylish and stay classy.

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