Ethnic Glitz: Top 10 Latest Ethnic Trends

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We have different fashion trends every year. Some of these stay for a longer time and some fade immediately. It is rightly said fashion is what is offered by a designer four times a year and style is how you pick it up. We bring ten most popular ethnic trends of 2016 which are not going to fade anytime soon. Or so we wish!

1. Pom-pom trend

pom pom Ethnic trends

This was one of the cute and very appealing ethnic trends introduced in 2016. It was immensely loved and adored by every woman. Pom-poms were styled in dresses, tops, capes, footwear, lehengas and almost in everything. Look at the amount of funk they add!

2. Capes

capes ethnic trends

Capes are again a revisited fashion. It was popular a decade ago. And now it has again come into the fashion world. This year Capes were most popular in ethnic wears. We saw actresses wearing Capes with lehenga, Capes as a blouse with saree and Capes with palazzos. It also looked amazing with the western outfits. Buy a beautiful cape here.

3. Floral Maxi Skirts

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The most flaunted outfit by almost every girl in 2016 was floral maxi skirts. Florals have always been in fashion but this year it was popular in the maxi skirts section like crazy. The pairing of these skirts with crop tops and jackets was one of the most loved ethnic trends. These floral skirts were really so pretty it was difficult to resist them.

4. Ethnic Jackets

ethnic trends

A new addition to the Indian outfit sections was the ethnic jackets. Most of the brides chose this outfit for either of her wedding functions.  It looks amazing with skirts, palazzos, lehenga bottoms or Ghaghra, Patiala and even the regular denim. it has too many options for mix and match. Buy an elegant maxi jacket here.

5. Tassel trend

Ethnic trends

Following the Pom-pom trend was the tassel trend. We can associate both of these as a family to each other. Pom-pom laces were on the cuter side whereas tassels were a bit sexy. It was also popular with the accessories section. Loafers and brogues got a bit more sexy with the tassels on them.

6. Slit Kurtis

ethnic trends

Long slit kurtis was one of the very popular ethnic trends of 2016. These kurtis look very elegant and were famous because it made the lowers more significant. This trend is definitely going to stay and keep rocking. The side slit kurtis and the mid slit kurtis were the two popular kurtis of this type. Buy a pretty mid slit kurti here.

7. Cold Shoulder Blouse

Ethnic trends

One of the very famous blouse trends of 2016 was the cold shoulder blouse trend. People loved it because of the Indo-Western effect it gave. However, it made the Indian wears like saree, lehenga, skirt all look very good and stylish. No doubt how the cold shoulders left its mark on every girl.

8. Beige and Golden color

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Every year there is a particular color which becomes a trend and mostly everyone follows it. The ethnic color of the year 2016 was golden and beige. With a bit of glitter and shimmer, ethnics was very popular in beige and golden color. This color obviously has a bling and makes any outfit ten times more beautiful. Buy a gorgeous beige colored lehenga here.

9. Innovative Ways of Draping Saree

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The famous celebrities and the bloggers showed us different ways to style and drape our regular sarees in a quirky and a stylish way. Draping a saree like a dhoti, draping the saree with an additional dupatta, draping a saree in a wrap around the way, were some kind of draping styles which was in fashion and will definitely stay.

10. Ethnic Trends of Tribal Prints

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Tribal prints have always been popular but this year witnessed some awesome traditional outfits with the tribal prints. Beautiful and charming tribal prints made some extravagant ethnic outfits of the year. They always look great and pretty. If you haven’t tried tribal prints ethnic trends yet, then it is not too late because this trend is going to stay with us.

If anyone of you has not styled or tried these trends, you don’t need to worry about it. You can try them now as they are not going us to leave us soon. These traditional trends are a must to try because of their sheer appearance and elegant style. You simply can’t miss these.

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