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Ever Green Makeup to Swear By

Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s life. You may deny that you like makeup or that you use any kind of makeup. You may use makeup in the form of Kajal, eye liner, lipstick, foundation, compact and n number of things. But ultimately, you end up using it every day.

Evergreen makeup

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma as to what look should I go for? What makeup should I do for this special event? Does this lipstick look good? Can I carry this look?

If yes is your answer to any of the questions then these evergreen makeup hacks are your best friend and will get you out of your dilemma every time. Evergreen makeup is your quick, favorite and go-to hack for fabulous look.

Favorite Red Lipstick:

Favorite Red Lipstick

Have you ever found yourself in a spot where you want to look good for an event but don’t want to look like you have put on all the makeup you own?
Red lipstick to the rescue. Every lady has a favorite red color. This red lipstick comes handy when you face a problem like the one mentioned above. It’s bold and beautiful and gives you the perfect pout that you deserve.

Nude lipstick:
Nude lipstick:

Similar to red lipstick, every lady should have a favorite, go-to nude lipstick. But the trick with nude shade is that according to your skin tone, you can choose shades of nude which tend towards shades of pink, orange, brown etc. and decide which one you want to wear. Also nude shade goes for elegant and simple style.

Basic eyeliner:
Basic eyeliner

If you don’t feel like putting on a lot of makeup or if you want to go for simple look, then a basic black eyeliner or kohl pencil will do the trick of highlighting your eyes and giving you that subtle yet elegant look.

Smoky eyes:
Smoky eyes

Want that sultry actor look without spending a fortune on cosmetics and makeup artists? Invest in a good black eye shadow. Learning to do a smoky eye isn’t that difficult since the tutorial for that is available online easily. Mastering the art of smoky eyes is the tricky part.

Smoky eyes need not be restricted to black color. It can be in any color, browns, greys, sliver, green, trust me, any color will be just fine as long as you do it right.

Red nail paint:
Red nail paint

Although nail paint doesn’t ideally come under the makeup category, it is an important part of your look. People do tend to notice your nails unintentionally. Red nail paint can be paired with any clothing, any kind of makeup and it is simply the best thing created to save your look.


Give your apples a nice stroke of blush of your choice, pinks to brown, tinted shades, shimmer, pastel, and crème. Also there are natural ways to give your cheeks a blush by giving them a quick pinch.


All the above makeup hacks are what I personally swear by and go to, when in doubt.

You can use these tricks alone or combine a few of the tricks to create a perfect look, they will give you the best result every single time. These tricks are timeless and evergreen also you can see famous celebrities spoting these looks right from Merlin Monroe to Angelina Jolie…

Hope you try these evergreen makeup tricks and create your perfect look.

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