“Evergreen Fashionistas”- 6 Fashion Icons Of All Time!

“I don’t do fashion, I am fashion!”- Coco Chanel

“FASHION”: this word might be a small one, but the aura and the magic it creates is massive! It is  a very subjective term, each and every person has their own take and style to project it to the world! But, there are some people, who have left such an impression in this crazy world of fashion, that it is impossible to erase it now! They have created a fashion trend, a unique style of their own, which can, and only be associated with them now! As Ralph Lauren rightly said, “Fashion is about something that comes within you”, these fashion goddesses have really portrayed their inner self to the world, and they went on to become “THE” fashion icons of all time! So, here are is a list of some of these people, who went on to become the epitomes of fashion and style!


audrey hepburnaudrey hepburn2

She is one of the classic beauties of the 20th century! Her minimalist retro chic style is just a classic. The LBD, the winged eye look, and the perfect bun with bangs hairstyle are all the iconic styles of this timeless beauty. Her style of wearing cropped pants with ballet shoes also became a huge trend! She is the ultimate paragon of classic beauty of all times!



She is probably  the only person who knows how to wear gold without looking gaudy and overdone! Her classic Kanjeevaram sarees, heavy gold jewelry and the wine red lip color with the sindoor, she is effortlessly carrying this style since ages, and manages to look absolutely stunning today as well! She is the ideal guide to look like an elegant, quintessential Indian woman!


Marilyn monroemarilyn monroe2

Popularly known as the “Blond Bombshell”, she was one of the sexiest fashion icons of the 50’s. She always wore skin tight, body hugging dresses and tops, which flaunted her curvaceous body to perfection! One of the most daring fashion moment of Marilyn was the flesh colored sequined gown worn by her in 1962 to meet President John F Kennedy, but there also, she managed to look like the ultimate diva! Her retro wavy hairstyle and her luscious lips added to her sexy look!



She is queen of monotone! Who else can carry the ‘one-colored look’ in such a stylish manner without looking boring! Be it Chandni, Lamhe or her personal appearances, she pulls off the monotone look in a very elegant and beautiful manner! She can effortlessly look amazing in traditional as well as in western outfits, that’s the magic of this Bollywood beauty!


twiggy (2) twiggy

This 60’s supermodel had a very cute chic look, which became famous as the “twiggy look”. She had a very short gelled pixie haircut and usually wore short cute dresses, mostly in monochromatic scheme. Her ‘doll-like’ eye makeup with lots and lots of mascara was a style trend set up by this British model which has never seen the setting sun.


parveen babi1parveen babi

Popularly known as the “retro queen”, she had a kind of boho-Indian look with her unconventional western outfits. She had the trend of wearing headbands and gave them a super chic touch! She bought minimalism to fashion. She was definitely one of the most glamorous and beautiful actresses of the Bollywood industry, and a great fashion icon as well!

So, people, these are the ultimate fashionistas from the Bollywood as well as Hollywood industry, I am sure many of you out there follow some or the other style of these trendsetters. These women know their styles and carried it effortlessly, they have been themselves and hence, they went on to become the fabulous fashionistas of all times!

Be yourself, Be Fashionable! 🙂

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