Everything you need to know about mineral makeup

Mineral makeup is up and trending these days. Most of the celebrity stylists, makeup artists, fashionistas are all drooling over mineral makeup and are singing praises about mineral makeup and are obsessed with it.


Reason behind this? Well people are getting aware of the natural products that can be used and which are good for the skin and add benefits to your beauty regime.

I thought why not analyze mineral makeup and share with you what it is and what it is not.


Let’s begin with what mineral makeup is:

Mineral makeup is available in the market since a long time (from 1970’s). So it is not an all new invention. As the name suggests very well, mineral makeup is nothing but makeup induced with certain minerals.

These minerals are milled and broken down into teeny tiny particles and added into the makeup. The minerals that are usually added into mineral makeup are iron oxides, talc, titanium oxides, zinc oxides etc depending on how much they can be micronized. Some of these products can be made into fine powder like particles and sit together to provide more coverage, whereas a few others which cannot be made into extremely tiny particles do not give a great coverage and just give that mineral effect on you.

mineral bronzer

Mineral makeup began as loose powder and today most of the makeup product categories have minerals in them, right from eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, lip sticks, lip gloss, liquid foundation etc…..

mineral eyeshadow



If you compare traditional makeup with mineral makeup, you will realize that both of them are pretty different in their own ways. Mineral makeup consists of minerals, that is a given fact. But what we need to know is that mineral makeup DOES NOT contain a few ingredients that are present in traditional makeup such as preservatives, mica, fragrance, chemicals, parbens, mineral oils, binders, chemical dyes etc.




Mineral makeup has a few benefits and advantages over traditional makeup. Though it cannot replace moisturizers and other skin care products, it will definitely make your skin feel better.


  • The benefit of using mineral makeup is that it prevents redness, irritation of the skin unlike traditional makeup products because the products that are left out in mineral makeup are usually the cause to reactions on the skin.
  • Mineral makeup when compared to traditional makeup is more water resistant, thus does not wash off with sweat, rain, tears or any other such thing that may cause your makeup to wear off.
  • Mineral makeup, because of the minerals in it does not let bacteria’s grow, thus making it apt for long usage and shelf life. we would love a long lasting makeup would’nt we??
  • Mineral makeup does not contain oil thus prevents acne on acne prone skin. Well who wants acne?
  • Mineral makeup can act as a sunscreen, the titanium and zinc oxides act as sun block. But it is advisable to use sunscreen if you are out in the sun for long hours.
  • Zinc oxides also contain anti inflammatory properties thus will also help in soothing your skin.
  • Mineral makeup hides the aging process and does not make the wrinkles visible. It gives a soft smooth texture to the skin.



As every single thing has advantages and disadvantages, mineral makeup does have a few risks that may come across.

  • The cost. Mineral makeup is expensive than your traditional makeup products.
  • Some people believe that since the particles are nono perticles they are absorbed into your skin and cause problems. But dermatologists deny that belief (if they are absorbed by the skin then they would not have effect on the skin and would not give a good even finish to the skin)
  • Bismuth oxochloride is used in some mineral makeup. Extremely small amout of people are seen to develop a reaction by using this. Most of the women find it perfectly safe to use on their skin.


Applying mineral makeup in the same way that you apply your traditional makeup will not be a good idea.

Apply your moisturizer and let it get absorbed. Then start with the makeup routine.

While using mineral makeup the most important thing is to use as little as needed. Start applying a small amount on your skin. Then reapply till you get the desired shade or look. This will help you to not overdo your makeup and also look amazing.

It is best to buy products with the shortest ingredient list as there is a smaller chance to get reactions and skin problems from the products. Also follow a healthy makeup and skin care routines.


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