Experience the extra dose of wellness with ‘Sleep’

What if I tell you that sleep is directly associated with a healthy lifestyle and well being? You will feel happy, right because there is nothing in the world better than a peaceful sleep. Well, no matter how hard the Mondays can be we still have to get up from the bed and make through the day. Sacrificing the sleep is never a good idea but what can we, in that case, is managing our sleep. Staying up late and being called a night owl even if you are busy productive person then that life is hard. Go through this blog post, it will help you in knwing more about early sleep.

To know, what all our busy little yet powerful brain does in sleep and why ‘slumber’ should be made an indispensable part of our busy schedules let’s have a look at the following :

1. Welcome a healthy life

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A healthy life is always associated with proper sleep (stress-free). For a human body to function properly, it requires at least 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep. This normalizes the ‘Blood Pressure’ level which might trigger into other sicknesses like anxiety, headache, hypertension etc.
Survey reports suggest that around 61% of Indians slept for seven hours or less daily and around 40% Indians go to bed only after midnight. This drastic change in their sleeping pattern is affecting their lifestyle to a great extent, thus putting their health, length and quality of life to jeopardy. So, make sure you get enough hours of ‘zzz’ and welcome a healthy, happy life every morning.

2. Look and feel better

A proper sleep can make you look better, feel better. How?
It is that, while we’re asleep, the levels of adrenaline (hormone controlling breathing and body metabolism) and corticosteroids (steroid hormones) are low and the body starts producing growth hormones. This is when the repair and growth processes kick in. While we are too much into sleep, the cellular renewal of our skin cells is at peak. A sound sleep also contributes to an energetic and rejuvenated self where you just can’t stop looking prettier and sexier! Yes, it happens. So, it becomes essential to notice the hours of sleep one gets because sleeping turns out to be a healing element when you grow older. So, try to keep a tab on the quantity of sleep to protect your heart, weight, mind and more.

3. Hello to happiness


Ever thought that sleep could fetch you happiness? No? Then read this. Sleeping relaxes our mind, body and soul. It switches the mind out to a whole new world, free of negative thoughts. Study says that people who get sufficient sleep are comparatively happier than those who can’t even fetch fairly an 8-hour sleep. Moreover, it was found that the sleep quality majorly impacts daily mood, too. For instance, when you miss out on night-sleep, you often find mornings groggy and thus wake up with a cranky attitude. So, don’t hesitate in going to bed when the body takes a call on you and rate your life as a happy one.

4. Live Long Life

For an overall sense of well being, optimum sleep is a must. When the body is deprived of quality sleep, the body falls into risk zone which could further spur into any sort of serious health complications like diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, premature aging, cancer and even deaths. That is, if you sleep better, you could certainly live better!

5. Revamp memory and embrace creativity


Sleeping is a natural medicine which cures any small or big disorder of the body. Likewise, it also works as an elixir for the brain that consolidates memories. A peaceful sleep helps re-organize and re-structure the day long memories. It further overhauls them and while we’re busy snoring, the brain is awake and practicing the activities/tasks of the day. In addition to it, sleep provokes innovative ideas and thus embraces creativity. Now could you relate why students/performers are recommended to have proper sleep the night before examinations?

6. Lose a few pounds too

Willing to shed those extra pounds off your body, but simply following a diet plan won’t really help! Weight-loss results when your body gets to sleep for 8-9 hours daily. In fact, a research by Columbia University suggests that those who are insomniac and sleep for less than 7 hours are heavier and get overweight with time. But, how?


When you’re sleep deprived, level of leptin (a hormone that causes you feel full) falls, while levels of ghrelin (a hormone that makes you feel hungry) increases. Thus with reduction in metabolism, appetite increases and we end up gaining weight.

So, the next time you ditch sleep and stress those moist gloomy eyes by working late-night, just remember what harm you do to your well-being and why you should swear by the benefits of this tincture. In addition to it, sleep does a good deal in keeping with your mental and physical health. So, whenever you get clasped with life’s challenges, get into bed and relax yourself with a healthy sleep, leaving aside tension and worries.

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