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We bring a Part 2 for DIY tips for every one of you. We know every girl loves DIY and hence we thought to extend these ideas from outfits to footwear and accessories. DIYing is very interesting because it can modify the old stuff into a new and a fresh one with our creativity. These DIY ideas will leave your mind blown and we are sure you will try them ASAP.

1. Colour Blocked Heels

DIY ideas

If you are bored of your any old pair of heels, do not throw them. Instead, try some creativity and make a new style statement with it. Try the DIY ideas of color blocking on your old heels.

  1. Cover the area with a cello tape before painting so that the paint does not spread. It is in the same way as we do the French manicure.
  2. Paint the areas which you want in bright, neon colors to make an instant color pop.
  3. When the paint dries, remove the tape gently. Yayy. Ready.

2. Choker from Scarf

DIY ideas

This is true and it can be done instantly. You must have tried DIY ideas on chokers with laces and now it’s time you begin with a scarf.

  1. Take your old printed scarf and cut it into three sections.
  2. Join all the three sections and secure them with the rubber band at the ends. Now make a braid with all three sections of the scarf and cut the extra edges.

Your braided choker is ready to be flaunted.

3. DIY ideas of Comb Clip

DIY ideas

Comb clips are the best to secure the buns tightly. A pretty comb clip can be DIY in few seconds.

  1. Take any colorful ribbon to start this DIY.
  2. Tie and secure the ribbon around each tooth of the comb clip very tightly.
  3. Cut the extras and stick at the corners tightly.

Your DIY colorful and funky comb clip is ready.

4. Beaded Braided Clips

DIY ideas

Braids are one of the most feminine and pretty hairstyles. I am a big lover of braids. Completing braids with beautiful accessories is my favorite.

  1. Take the simple bun pins.
  2. Take the beads of different sizes and attach to the bun pins.

Your beaded braided clips are ready.

5. Bobby Pins Pendant

DIY ideas

Have you ever thought to DIY bobby pins as a necklace and a huge pendant? This idea is very funky and creative.

  1. Take 12 bobby pins and place them on a cardboard sheet.
  2. Place cello tape at distant length.
  3. Start painting the clips with different colors of nail paint or acrylic paints.
  4. Let it dry and remove the cello tape.
  5. Attach the clips with a cello tape from the backside.
  6. Place it on a long chain and your pendant is ready

These ideas were super fun and creative and very less time-consuming. You must try them right now and add new babies to your collection of footwear and accessories.


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