Fashion Fables From The Royal Wardrobe

“Once upon a time , in a faraway kingdom , lived a princess…..” – as little girls , whenever stories were read to us , we’d start dreaming about being a princess , wearing an extravagant tiara and dancing the halls of the castle in the most beautiful ensemble. As we grow old, being a princess or a queen seems to be a far cry. But , now I’ll tell you : Being a princess or a queen is not all about being filthy rich or glamorous. It’s all in your personality and your style. It’s all about the choices you make that take you to the top of world.


You can be the Queen you are! Your style defines you. Your style defines your tiara . And no one’s stealing it if you are good enough! Yup , we’ve got our style but how about we score a few extra brownie points ? Let’s learn a little from the royals.

Queen Letizia of Spain

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She’s the first commoner-to-be-royal like in those fairytales. Her style consists mostly of prints : tribal, stripes and floral dominating the prints. There are also times when she goes for a plain and bold statement. Charm flows when she prefers pale colours. She keeps her outfits more than fine. And yes, her outfits awesomely complement her short hair.

To check out her style file :

Queen Maxima of Netherlands

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Now, she’s a true royal fashionista! Her style consists of outfits that use hues of varied gradients, giving it a sharp and daring look. Her style has a characteristic feature: Hats! Yep, you read it right. From floppy, pillbox, boina to fedora , clochê and matinê – she’s like the Queen of Hats ! Roses , ruffles , laces and plumage jazzes up her hats- making her a show stopper! She made the covers of Vogue Netherlands Special Edition May 2013 titled “The Birth Of A Queen”.

To check her style file :

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden

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Her style is most feminine and elegant. Generous amounts of lace, feather, and glitter grace her gowns when she hits the red carpets. But when the spot light’s not on, she opts for abstract, striped and floral motifs on her clothing . It is a rare sight to see her hair let down. Her hair jewellery is one of a kind.

To check her style file :

Duchess Catherine a.k.a. Kate Middleton of Cambridge, England

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She’s everyone’s fashionista. Gems started adding on her royal crown when her style trail started -The Daily Telegraph for “The Most Promising Newcomer” list in 2006 and the rest of the journey speaks for itself. Her outfits are acute and sleek. Lively prints, pastel shades, and lace prevail in her outfits. She’s the best amongst the royals when it comes to casuals. No wonder she has a large fan following all around the globe.

To check her style file :

Princess Maria Olympia of Greece

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Just 19-  youngest fashionista royal! She hit the covers of Tatler and W when she was just 17. Her fashion sense can be traced through her genes , her mother Marie-Chantal , empress of a kid’s designer line. She’s got a chic, cool style every teen would dream of. Bric-a-brac patterns, metallic and resolute colours rule her style. She appeared in Teen Vogue and in Vanity Fair with her mother. It is said that she worked in Dior’s couture department during summer. Now, we’re sure she’s taking this world by storm soon.

Her instagram :

So, next time you hit the street, retouch your closet with a spark of regality in every outfit!

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