Fashion Faux Pas You Don’t Want to Try : 5 Fashion Blunders you cannot ignore

We all take a leap of faith in fashion sometime and not every time does it pay off. With soooo many trends sweeping by every year, many fail to kick off even a little. All these became a problem when people started dressing for fashion rather than comfort. Sometimes, you go out wearing something u think looks cool but ends being the laugh of the day. And after a while, when you look back, you invariably end up thinking “What on earth was I thinking? Wearing that with that??” so to avoid such fashion oops and to get rid of any embarrassing things in your wardrobe look for them in the following list:



Though these are very comfortable footwear, they look best on kids. In adults, it just looks childish and most times doesn’t suit any dress. That said, it is very comfortable due to its light weight, odor-resistant material; but it is often rejected because they are a tad unattractive to look at. And given our country’s weather, they inevitably leave tan marks in the shape of hole on your feet and your feet looks like it has been nailed in many places.

Low hip pants:

low hip pants

I honestly have no clue why this became a trend in the first place. Firstly it is very awkward to look at, with the pants exposing almost everything that should be hidden. Guys really look immature walking around in such a pair and I have no clue if they are comfortable at all. Since it is often looked down upon, boys, you better wear your where they are meant to be worn-on your hip/waist.

Sheer Leggings:

legging pants

When I was growing up leggings was an opaque thick material usually made of stretching material and was used in place of cotton or synthetic pants with gathers. They were invariably worn with a  kurti. Nowadays, leggings are made with a sheer material and are worn with a very short top or shirt. Ladies please have in mind, when a material is sheer, it becomes almost transparent when stretched and fully transparent when exposed to sunlight too. So please think and take care the next time you buy or wear a pair of leggings.

Carpenter jeans:

carpenter jeans

Originally designed for carpenters or handymen who work with a lot of tools, carpenter jeans are one of the most embarrassing things you can wear now. They have a lot of big pockets( designed to store tools) and don’t really have much of a shape. Since it isn’t form fitting, it looks like an ill fit on anybody looking to wear it for fashion.

Men V-neck shirts:


This is one of the things that somehow lost its way and ended up becoming a bad trend for men. In a country where chest hair is predominant in men from the age of 13, a V-neck t shirt is a very awkward thing to wear. Also, it just doesn’t look manly enough, especially in the colours it come in-pinks, oranges and baby blues. So guys unless you have a very clean chest, it’s better if you stick to round neck or collared t shirts.

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