FASHION MISSES: Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena Kapoor Khan is legit the ultimate reigning queen of Bollywood. Be it the red carpet or off duty chic, Bebo usually nails every look!


But even our very own Queen B is not safe from a few fashion blunders. As much as we admire her style, there’s no denying that some of Bebo’s looks have certainly made us go, “What in the world was she thinking?”
Though the beauty manages to pull of every look with panache, there still exists an arsenal of outfits that never should have seen the light of day. But as the saying goes, ‘To err is human’!
So, let’s take a look at Kareena Kapoor Khan’s fashion misses till date.

At the IIFAs

kareena kapoor khan at the iifas

Chic or fashionista are so not the words that come to mind, seeing Bebo in this heavily embellished ensemble. The excessively beaded dress isn’t doing her any favours. The turquoise hue flushes down her complexion rather than enhancing it. The dull lip colour lends her a flushed out look. While the enormous dangling earrings aren’t helping her outfit at all. This look certainly does not belong on the IIFA red carpet, or anywhere else for that matter!

At the Sony Vaio launch

kareena kapoor khan at the sony vaio launch

Is that a towel you have on here, Bebo? Kareena is the proud owner of a beautiful silhouette, while all this dress does is, hide it! Though the red compliments her complexion beautifully, the shape of the dress is highly unflattering. Instead of enhancing her best features, this dress seems to be doing the complete opposite. While the contrast look that Bebo was aiming for with her electric blue stilettos also fail to hit the mark.
The dress does not deserve you, Bebo!

At the Sony Ericsson Launch

kareena kapoor khan at the sony ericsson launch

If there’s an outfit that should be buried deep into the closet, it’s this! The overall outfit seems quite ill-fitting, while the jacket looks a bit too tight. The colour of the pants and jacket is too off and the puffed up sleeves of the navy blue shirt don’t seem to belong with the outfit.
The entire ensemble looks just too passé!

At the Anne French Roll-on Launch

kareena kapoor khan at anne french roll on launch

Once again Kareena is spotted hiding her enviable figure beneath a loose fitting gown. The ballooning dress makes her curves disappear and is very harsh on her petite frame. The giant metallic flower on the side just goes on to make the outfit worse. While the matching metallic lip colour also fails to compliment Bebo’s luscious pout!

At a Garnier Product Launch

kareena kapoor khan at garnier launch

Way back into time, our beloved fashion goddess did indeed dress like this! Just like us mortals Kareena isn’t immune to committing a fashion faux pas and was seen in this unfashionable combo at a Garnier event. The floral print of the shirt is much better suited for a curtain, while the loose-fitting jeans and long sleeves aren’t doing justice to her frame.
This outfit is an unfortunate miss!

At a Globus Event

kareena kapoor khan at globus event

This dress has truly left us short of words! This outfit lacks shape and definition big time. The blinding turquoise is too bright and isn’t really doing anything for Bebo. The length of the dress is just wrong, while the position of the waist band fails to accentuate her figure. The neckline seems odd and a wardrobe malfunction in the making!

At a Promotional Event

kareena kapoor khan at promotion

It seems Kareena takes her turquoise quite seriously! While we are so digging the Patiala look, the colour combination of the same could have been much more flattering. The flashy orange along with the even flashier turquoise provides the outfit with a gaudy look.
But leave it Kareena to make any outfit look ravishing!

At Rujuta Diwakar’s Book Launch

kareena kapoor khan at rutuja book launch

This ensemble seems a bit too juvenile and a bit too casual for the event. This look might have worked for a casual day out but fails to work it’s magic here. The belt, instead of bringing the outfit together, is doing the complete opposite. The blazer just does not belong over that tee. The clutch does not match the outfit at all, while the shades seem a little out of place.

At a Movie Screening

kareena kapoor khan at screening of Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

Was Bebo trying to go all gangster with this look? Here she is seen attending a screening of her movie ‘Gori Tere Pyaar Mein’, in a very laid back outfit. While the bandana is an edgy touch, the outfit does not call for it. A different outfit might have been a better choice for the bandana. The bra flashing isn’t helping the ensemble either. The outfit just does not add up.
Bebo isn’t that gangster after all!

Out and About

kareena kapoor khan out and about

While there’s no denying that Bebo looks gorgeous, the outfit is certainly not one of her best looks. The colours of the outfit are beautiful and vibrant but the problem lies in the clashing prints of the separates. The length of the top is also not well suited for the ensemble. But despite the mismatched duo, Kareena is looking fly!

Celebs, they’re just like us! Surely you don’t feel that bad about your fashion misses now. If Bebo can slip up, we are certainly allowed some misses too!

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