Fashion Movies- Inspirations and Tips!

We often find ourselves inspired by dresses worn in fashion movies. What more, we find ourselves often picking the same look- hunting down the same outfits down to the footwear, trying to achieve the same make up including the winged eyeliners and even the hairdos, we try to recreate! When so many of us are inspired by such movies, why not take a look at them?  Maybe we can learn so much more then. Let’s take a peek!!

Devil Wears Prada

This is one of my most favourite movies on fashion! It has everything you can learn about dresses. In the movie, Anne Hathaway can be seen wearing many globally famous brands like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Rebecca Taylor, Gilliano etc… and most of them are completely stunning outfits!! There are quite a few take aways from this movie.

cotton voile jersey dress-calvin kleingilliano-long black dress

Her cotton voile jersey dress from Calvin Klein with sunglasses from Chanel looks really simple but I feel it makes a chic style statement. Coming to dresses, her character Andy Sachs wore a long black Gilliano that showed off her wonderful figure!

low bun with hat simple let down stylish updo with flowers

What’s more is that, with every outfit she wears in the movie, her hair is styled so elegantly. Be it her sleek up dos, or just a plain comb through; her looks in the movie are a fashion guide of sorts for every woman out there.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

While Devil Wears Prada is all about high end fashion, this movie can actually teach us stuff about the fashion of people on the other side! The main focus of the outfits in this movie is colours, bright colours. We all saw the styles of Isla Fisher in the movie. If they had one thing in common, it was the boldness of the dresses.

pink blouse and black skirt

We’ll start with how her character Rebecca Bloomwood, wears bold colours. She actually pairs them with darker colours, to tone down the intensity of the brighter ones. Here she is wearing a pink blouse with a simple pencil black skirt, as you can see, though it is a bright pink one, it does not look too bold when paired with the black skirt.

simple top with skirt

Right on the poster, Isla is wearing a top and skirt in varying shades of reddish pinks. The outfit looks really simple, but it gives a glam look! So, that’s what we need to learn; we needn’t always wear complicated outfits, just a simple blouse and skirt, with an ornamental belt will do!!

isla fisher outfits

Apart from all this, the clutches and hand bags she pairs with the outfits are also amazing! And who can forget that green scarf?!

So now I think you would have drawn inspiration and also tips from these two movies. But, one thing, do not make the mistakes these two ladies (their characters) did. Andy wasn’t true to herself when she wore all those dresses- she did it for her boss. And Rebecca went over her head, shopping, and drowning in debt. Go out there and shop to your heart’s content; just make sure you’re doing it for you and wisely, too!

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