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Isn’t it true that Gossip Girl really has proven to be the most fashion-forward and super stylish shows to ever hit the small screen. Though we just gotta face it, Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen are still a part of our lives. Isn’t it just hard to believe that gossip girl ended  in 2012.(nostalgia*). From Serena’s  boho chic fashion to Blair’s preppy style. They are with us not in the form of Saturday reruns, but with their everlasting style advice.(Our fairy godmothers*). Whether it is team Serena or team Blair, it is hard to deny the effect the show’s fashion has had on the everyday fashionista viewers.

We surely have learnt some fashion and how to carry oneself.Whether be it the ever famous Blair’s headband


or of course her mixing prints.


(she just knows how to get it right*).


Yet another thing, school uniforms can never be traditional, but individualistic. School uniforms don’t have to be, well, uniform.

11 1213

Each of the Gossip Girls, from Blair to Jenny to the extras, customized their look in Constance, had their own style into it. Uniforms with embellished headbands, statement handbags(how can a girl forget her handbag) and colorful or patterned tights. Blair with her headband, Serena with the sequined sweaters, or jenny with the gothic look.


How can we forget the coats, coats can’t be simple black.(winter tip*).Every coat, every style , gossip girl just makes winter in Manhattan a place to be.



We understand the boho fashion of Serena from her tailored jacket.Be it her classic prep school jacket, or a sequin blazer. She knows how to add a simple jacket to any outfit and instantly be spruced up.


or her love for Skinny Jeans. And not to forget she can be caught wearing flirty headbands, or fearless accessories like furry boots or a gold necklace and bracelet. She just vamps up the look with her love for accessories.


And when there is Serena ,there is her messy pony tail, to complete her look.


How to forget, Blair’s chic classic look of an angel from Paris. From her love for skirt and dresses to her colorful headbands and hats. Forget about denim, if you want to dress like Blair, and enter into loves her bright colored splashes of color in her stilettos or tights in the winter.

skirt 2333skirt

Weren’t we just in love with her Vera Wong bridal dress.Blair teaches us how to carry a bow, huge bow to the smallest of them and still look fancy.

bowbow 2



Each character has his or her unique look, this is what is the most important fashion tip. Play with things and find your own way. Adopt a signature like chucks scarf , Blair’s headband, Serena’s everyday look, jenny’s Gothic, Vanessa’s pullovers…

Gossip GirlGossip Girl

Gossip Girl


Each ans every episode gives us a new tip of the day.

“tights are not pants”

“fashion is the most powerful art”.

“dress for what u want.”

“fashion isn’t always comfortable.”


So that’s what gossip girl has done for us. Defined fashion.

you know you love me


 gossip girl.

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