Fashion Tips To Simplify Your Mornings!

If there’s one thing that staying in a hostel has taught me, it’s how to survive on food that’s barely edible. Oh and also, how to get ready for class in the morning faster than The Flash! Whether it’s the non-stop binge-watching of my favourite TV show the night before, or the endless assignments, hitting the snooze button in the morning has become second nature to me. Even on days when I actually go to bed at a decent time, waking up for classes still feels like a Herculean task. I’m sure many of you out there can totally relate to this.

And that’s what prompted me to jot down some super-simple tricks which will help you get ready really fast for that 9 a.m class, without looking like you’ve just rolled out of the bed. You can thank me later. 😉

Simplify your wardrobe

organised cupboard

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’ll help you save oodles of time in the morning if you organise your cupboard properly. Let’s face it, we all have that one (or in some cases, more than one) item of clothing that has been there in our wardrobe since time immemorial.  And then there is stuff which we no longer fit into. We simply refuse to let go of them.  But this only adds to our woes when we can’t find that one jacket or skirt that we’re looking for. The only way out in this case is-Shift+delete. Having a clean and organised cupboard will make your mornings much easier to deal with.

Dry shampoo


Dry shampoo is like an angel-in-disguise when you don’t have the time to wash your hair. It comes in both spray and powder form, soaks up the oil and dirt from your hair, and leaves it smelling fresh and clean. It also adds volume to your hair, so it doesn’t look limp and lifeless.  Some of the best dry shampoos that are available are-TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, Bed Head Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo and Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo.

Face wipes


When you’re running so late that you don’t have the time to wash your face, you can try cleansing it with a face wipe instead. But this works ONLY if you’ve washed your face the night before. Look for the wipes which have lemon peel and/or blueberries in them, as they’ll help brighten you skin.

Fool proof outfit

foolproof outfits

We all know the struggle to figure out what to wear, no matter how many clothes we own. Since you’re already strapped for time, it’s better that you save your bold sartorial choices for another day-when you will have the time to think it through. Have a fool proof outfit ready at all times-something that you’ve worn before that got you tons of compliments. Or, pick out the neutral pieces from your wardrobe, which you know will look good together.  And if you can’t think of anything, then simply go for a dress. It’ll save you the task of finding matching separates!

Multitasking beauty products


Instead of buying tonnes of products, invest in the ones which will simplify your make-up routine.They are the real superheroes of the make-up world! For example, you can use your favourite red, or any other bright colored lipstick as a blush and eye shadow. Or get an eyeliner pencil that can also serve as an eyebrow pencil.

Bold lipstick


A wise man once said- “Give a woman a red lipstick and she can conquer the world.” And we couldn’t agree more! If you’re really pressed for time, your favourite red, or any other bright colored lipstick, can be your savior. It will brighten up your face, and make it look like you have spent hours in front of the mirror to do your makeup.

Blue eyeliner


If you want to fake a wide-awake look, go for a blue eyeliner. It’ll hide the grogginess by making the whites of your eye looker whiter.

Simple hairdos

easy side braid top knot buneasy high ponytail short-hair-updos-with-headbands-messy-updo-headband-yoohair-updo-with-a-headband

There are good hair days, and there are bad hair days. And then there are days when it doesn’t matter at all because the clock is ticking at an alarming speed. This means you have to rule out any fancy hairdo and keep it simple. Try a topknot bun, quick side braid or high ponytail if you have long hair.  For medium to short hair, go for a ponytail or simply put on a hairband.

So the next time you reach out for the snooze button, don’t feel guilty about it! Now you know how to keep it stylish even after enjoying the extra five minutes of sleep. 🙂

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