Fashions Fade, Style Is Eternal!

You see someone in an adorable outfit and think that couldn’t be too hard to pull off, but that isn’t necessarily true; everyone has their own personal style and a certain fashion sense. A certain person could rock an urban chic outfit while another would look perfect in a girly flared skirt. We’ve heard enough fashion tips like ‘Dress for your body type’ and ‘The LBD is the perfect evening outfit’. Arent we all tired of blogs with the same fashion tips, same guidelines and the never ending do’s and don’ts. Since when did fashion become so restrictive, after all it isn’t mathematics where there’s only one right answer!

The main fashion aim is dress to impress. Doesn’t matter if you’re going for a night out with friends or just the super market , you should always be well dressed; after all you never know who you might bump into where. While buying your outfits always think strategically otherwise you’re going to have a closet full of clothes that don’t match anything. Also if something doesn’t fit, please don’t pretend it does. If its too tight there’s no need to squeeze yourself into it and risk a fashion mishap, but if its too loose then just make the effort to alter it.

Black dress


Now there are certain items which can be worn in versatile ways, you could probably wear the same thing for a week and make it look different every time! A button up tee is one such item – you could tuck in into something high waisted , let it peek out under your jacket, wear it under a cardigan or even button it up all the way with a statement necklace. A trench coat can be worn with a loud belt or dressed up with knee high boots with stockings underneath, but the best way to wear it is over a cocktail dress! Your chambray shirt could be tucked inside jeans, worn under a sweater, tied up at the waist or even teamed with coloured pants. Coming to my favorite, the black maxi skirt – classic combo like a white top, a boxy top over the skirt or even a tank with a fitted blazer. Such items are always multipurpose and look great at any time of the day.

Boxy tee fashion


A new trend is neon colours, every shop has enough items which are neon pink, orange, green or yellow. Now instead of pairing them up with the usual black pants or jeans, try these different colour combo’s. Go grey with neon yellow, navy blue with orange or pink and beige or camel with neon green. Since pastels are also trending this year, almost every store has those mint green and baby pink pants. But the real problem is what to wear on top! Avoid the black or white tee’s and go for a striped tee, a leopard print top or even a chambray shirt.

Neon fashion


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but since everything can’t be diamond studded accessories will have to do. Sunglasses are a life saver, even if you’re wearing jeans with a white tee sunglasses are the best way to dress it up. A tote bag is something essential for every girl, not to forget the envelope clutch. Wear belts, but don’t go overboard with them. Black, cream and black are the safest belt colours and probably the ones you should stick to. One timeless yet elegant accessory is a watch; it’s the best thing a girl can adorn on her wrist – after a diamond bracelet.



Buying a new pair of shoes is an instant mood lifter. But don’t follow the silly fashion rule ‘hot heels are meant to be uncomfortable’, if you’re limping around in them please do your feet a favor and don’t buy them. If your shoes are over the top, keep your outfit simple because only one item from your outfit should be the star. Bling is in but don’t make your feet look like a disco ball, if you’re going for shiny straps then keep hemlines simple. Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it will suit you, for example ankle length shoes will make your legs look shorter and therefore wont suit short people.

High heels fashion

Here’s on rule you should live by, dress like you’re going to meet your ex. That way you’ll always look your best, strut around with confidence and wear a big smile on your face. The best way to feel comfortable in what you’re wearing is by ensuring it goes with your personal style and isn’t something that comes off as trying too hard. Wear what you like and like what you wear, that’s the only motto.


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