From Fat to Fab: Join The Fat Kid Reshma Badi’s Weight Loss Journey and Giveaway

“Nothing tastes as good as being skinny.”

reshma badi

But how to be skinny? Reshma Badi has secrets to share. She has been on her weight loss journey from 115.8 kg to 73.5 kg and it has been magical.

Weight gain may be triggered by medical conditions, overeating and sedentary lifestyles. Her weight gain too was stressful and she fought against it. Wonder how? Here is her weight loss story!

She’s been through the criticism but that didn’t deter her from being motivated and the result is for all to see.  Ofcourse, nothing comes easy, but it can definitely come tasty. Wonder what she eats to have lost all that weight? Here’s what a typical diet for the day looks for her :


Now, she has a macros right and her workout regimes set! Weightloss is not starvation, it is eating healthy and being fit.

So it’s time to share your weight loss goals with her and join her on her weight loss journey on her instagram : Reshma_Badi

She has me motivated, you too?

P.S. She is currently hosting a giveaway where she’d guide you for a month with nutrition and workouts and keep you motivated. Participate NOW!

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