Fine Dine And Red Wine

The legal drinking age might be 25 but more often than not most people have tried, kept “trying” , got wasted and even swore they’ll never drink again (that’s only during a morning hangover, duh) before they reach this so called legal age. Now alcohol caters to each and every person, from different spirits to various mixtures to some great cocktails. Though over consumption is bad for obvious reasons (I’m almost done with my college years of “partying it up” so I’m entitled to that opinion), a few glasses here and there never hurt anyone. Then comes the saying, a glass of wine a day might help keep the doctor away! Enough people might disagree but here’s the kind of alcohol that is actually good for you – red wine.


Red wine has anti oxidants in it which helps fight heart diseases. These even help protect the lining of your blood vessels and can lower the risk of heart attacks. Red wine even promotes long life, almost 34% more than vodka and beer drinkers at least. Of course, you could always eat a handful of grapes but then again, won’t you rather have that tingling taste of Shiraz or Merlot on your tongue? After all, no good story really starts with “That Friday night we went out for salad and… “

red wine

Red wine also helps in reducing fat. Basically, how this works is that the acids in red wine relay the production rate of fat cells and slow down the development of the current fat cells. According to a few surveys, moderate wine drinkers tend to have slim waists and less abdominal fat! Now if my dietitian tells me to have a glass of wine every night, how could I ever say no? I mean, I am trying to lose weight and she is my dietitian. So yeah, why not, she knows best.

Half a glass of red wine can help fight infections and even guard against food poising as well as some contaminated food. “One chicken steak and a glass of red wine please, shouldn’t risk it.” Wine also boosts estrogen levels which thus ensure you have higher bone mass. So many benefits with just one glass of wine, I’d pop a wine pill if I could.

red wine and steak

Now just to be clear, I’m not asking non drinkers to start drinking. Let’s not start world war 3 among you and your family! All I’m saying is red wine is good for you, so instead of drinking anything else why not shift to some red wine. You can choose your country of origin, your flavor palate and it is always served in big fancy glasses! Have a good Friday night with some wine next time. Cheers!

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