Problems like a bad hair day, messy nail paint, tight shoes, stains etc are far too common these days. Instead of spending way too much time on solving such first world problems, I decided it was better to come up with some life hacks to make these small problems disappear fast! Here’s a list of the most useful hacks I could find for our “major” first world problems.


1. I find that the hottest pair of shoes tend to be super uncomfortable. Like they say, style can be painful. But you needn’t be uneasy all day just to wear your favorite heels or shoes! For shoes that are too tight, fill them with zip lock bags full of water and freeze. This will loosen it up a little and make them the perfect fit.



2. Once you apply lipstick, getting in and our of clothes – specially white, can be quite a scary task. It is inevitable that I get lipstick stains on my tops since I prefer to struggle with my make up after I’ve changed into something comfortable. But one can get rid of lipstick stains with hairspray. Spray, let set for 10 minutes, and wash. Thats all!



3. For a quick fix to a chipped nail which might ruin the whole perfect manicure look – Take an old piece of lace, wrap it around your nail, and dab the nail polish on with a makeup sponge. An easy but complicated-looking lace nail design!

lace nail art


4. I owned way too many pairs of pattern scissors as a kid and I have an unhealthy love for nail art. Light bulb moment! Use these scissors to cut zig-zag shapes with your scotch tape so that you can use them for the perfect zig-zag or scalloped pattern.

nail art


5. I didn’t realize the magic of a curler until recently. It takes just one curler to make your hair change into 3-4 different styles! Different ways to wrap hair produce different curls. The picture tells how.

hair curls


6. The best way to get rid of that oily hair look is but back combing. But that’s really bad for hair and they tend to break in millions! But what if you still like big hair? Use a toothbrush to get a bump. It gives the perfect look without ruining your hair.

back comb


7. clear nail polish and a corn starch is all you need to make your own matte finish polish. Just add the corn starch to the clear nail polish and mix it until the nail polish becomes milky white. Add it on top of any glossy polish and you will have the perfect matte finish. No more quick stops at the saloon.



8.This heat makes everyone’s face looks dull and dirty. Every time I walk into my house I feel like I’ve walked through a dust storm and just run to wash my face. Here’s a little trick I learnt. Wash your face with olive which will act as a magnet to the oil that’s on your skin and in your pores.

olive oil



Hope you enjoy these tips and do let us know if you have any hacks of your own that you’d like to share with us!

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