Flower Up Your Tresses

Spring says ‘hello’ next month. How about we ladies, dress up our tresses, readying the welcome wagon? Flowers adorning a woman’s hair is a sight rarely seen these days. Such a wonderful symbol of elegance, innocence and all things feminine, it’s a lost art today. We could help with its revival, adorn ourselves and start the trend again, perhaps? Be it a freshly plucked garden flower or exotic imported blossoms, be it the metallic blooms or a plastic bud, this exquisite gift of nature charms all. You can liven up any outfit, any look, and any hairstyle by tucking a beautiful petal behind your ear. For those of us untouched by this worldwide tradition (hello city-life), here’s how!

1. The Trademark Side-flower

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The most effortless way to start a day that people would remember. You could be wearing absolutely anything. You could possibly be running late. Maybe you need to lift your spirits. Or there could just be no excuse. Just let your hair loose, brush it well. Curl it if you wish to add some drama, or not if simple is your mantra. Any variety of a pretty flower with a generous stem length shall do. Just tuck it behind your favored ear, pin it up if you wish to secure it well. Voila, you are already making quite a few statements to the mirror! Now add a dash of lip colour in a light flowery shade and get going. Be it a beach party, a girls day out, a lovely date or just another normal day, you shall turn more heads than warranted!

2. The Classic Pony-tail

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This is a fool proof mantra. You need no occasion, no age and no hair type for this one. As long as you can pull all your locks into a straight, twisted or messy ‘pony-tail’, it all works. What’s more is that this has a shelf life of an entire working day. Just use a dependable hair tie for a tight pony and pin a thick stemmed flower to its base. The lovely bloom shall brighten your day and that of the guys around you too! Avoid with androgynous clothing is all I shall suggest since as far as I am concerned, it shall complement a formal suit too. It could maybe become your everyday spring regime too. Stick to nude lips and smoky eyes if you have no make-up ideas.

3. The Bun Game

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The actual way a woman wears a flower. Make a bun; Dutch, French, roll-up, messy, any brilliant way. Choose a flower (or more) that shall complement the outfit you plan on wearing, and pin it securely in any of the various positions you can think of. Elegance at its best beautiful. It could be a friend’s wedding, or an important date or even a happy day at work. The flowers shall liven up every detail of your attire and add a dash of colour to your hair. If feminity is your game today, you win all the way. The best subtle way to remind you and others that today is special. Work well on your lips and cheekbones. Choose between a choker and an earring. Show off your neck and back. It’s a ladies day today!

4. The Braid Show

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This is a match made in heaven. Any fine day, braid those long gorgeous tresses and choose between fishtail, loop, side, French or Dutch braids (YouTube has videos for all).  Decide from a set of pastel colored, small sized florets. Embellish your lovely hair with these. Make a combination using varied diameters or colors, layering it, tucking it in the loops you see. To quirk things up, choose a flower that matches the colour of your apparel. Try avoiding prints, stick to solid colours. Wedges or fancy flats shall add to the charm. You can also use a ribbon to decorate the braid. There you go, a queen with a girly touch. Watch out for the tom-boys, they have an equal chance at scoring here!

5. The Wild Card

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Unleash the wild hippie in you, call to your sleeping gypsy. For all the lovely goddesses waiting to show themselves, here is a wonderful opportunity. This spring, let down your hair and adorn it with as many a flower as you can. Make multiple stitch braids, braid-lets, curl those locks or colour them pink. Just make it as intricate and complicated as you can and pin floral cuttings into each loop you find. All the bohos out there go take a pick. Floral printed jumpsuits, beach dresses or a sexy gown, you have all found your missing piece. You need no accessories or make-up with this loud flowery statement, I would suggest ditch the perfume too. Go make this world yours.

6. The Wedding Bells


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Want to be a special bride? Any of these styles can be incorporated into bridal wear. Flowers are the utmost icons of womanhood. Starting a new life with a soul mate, you are bound to be surrounded by lush blooms all day. An intricate bun or plaits that you shall be wearing can be perked up with a tradition bunch of flowers tucked in. White and red are all time favorites. Make this day luckier, trust a flower. Be a floral bride.

7. The Princess Play

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Still living in the fairy tale bubble you grew up in? Let’s make it a tad real. All the gorgeous princesses out here, let’s make this a royal affair. The coy look, the regal drama, the imperial touch all set on a platter for you. The most fragile patterns, the most time consuming hairstyles, the most majestic flowers and extravagancy are the key here! A flower shall not do, an entire garden might suffice. All your tantrums locked in your tresses, every bit as royal as you can get. Wear your princess dresses, put on lovely make-up and do not forget the poise. Bow to your mirror, flutter your mascara covered lashes, pout those fuchsia lips and walk.  Lastly, “Chin up princess, or the crown slips!”

8. It’s Faux Time

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It could be the unavailability of fresh blooms, or the fact that they eventually shrivel. Or it could just be that man-made has a lot more options and customized choices. Either way, if a natural scented flower is not your type, markets are overflowing with chiffon, plastic, net and metallic florets too. These come in various shapes and sizes, pre-assorted lots, tiaras and also headbands. They are hardy, easier to wear and much less carefree. Of course they lack the natural essence, but who cares! Spice up an everyday wear with one of these for an effortless chic look.

9. Dramatic Blossoms

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For all those of you fashionistas who consider this list to be too mainstream, spectacle is but a matter of choice. Drama is just a playground for your creative minds. If flowers can be worn on a casual outing, they can also gild you ramp-ready. Over-sizing anything is a good start. So are loud contrasting colours and outlandish specimens. Overdoing anything needs just numbers for a start. Play up your game, play up the stage-show. A flower is too ordinary? Use an entire ornate bouquet. Roses too in? Go for imported orchids. Pink too subtle? Vermillion sounds about right. Girls, there IS no end!

10. Hair Is All

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If you are looking for excuses, you shall find aplenty. Pollen allergy, gaudy issue, withering problems, not a fan of accessories or just unmanageably silky hair. Well, no matter, I still have a solution.Reinvent. Unleash the stylist in you (or go online), you can create an elaborate flower design just by braiding your hair a certain way. And the heads just keep turning!

So, wishing you a spring that blooms on you a lovely blossom. Happy hair day!

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