“Food for Soul”: 6 All Time Favorite Indian Comfort Food!

“GOOD FOOD is GOOD MOOD” is what they say! A cent percent true statement! Let’s accept it guys, we Indians, love to eat, be it our oily, spicy samosas and pakoras or the simple homemade dal-roti! The food in India is as diverse and colorful as its culture and people! But, there are times, when we are blue, or stressed out, or simply bored from our monotonous ‘bhaag-daud waali life’! There is that one cheat code which immediately lifts our mood and gives that serenity and happy peace to our soul-‘FOOD’! There are certain dishes which remind us of our childhood, of our home, especially of our mothers! So, here is a list of those “comfort foods” which, we assure, will bring water in your mouth, and give your soul that calm ‘aah’ feel!


rajma chawal

The yummy rajma curry with steamed rice and some onion slices and lemon on the side, definitely  has to be first one on the list! I am sure most of you out there already have water in your mouth ! 😉 This is like the staple comfort food for north Indians, particularly Punjabis! This delicacy is a weekend favorite dish also, people can eat it days after days, without getting bored! 😀


moong dal khichadi

It’s a fact that khichdi has been scientifically proven to be a comfort food! Though, it might be usually known as the ‘bimaar ka khana”, but is amazingly comforting and one gets a sense of relaxation and calmness after digging into this simple yet yummy dish! We all can very well associate with it and agree that it always gives us that “homely feel”, and hence it has to be on this list!



I don’t think that there is even a single person on this planet who doesn’t like this beautiful invention 😉 Come on, guys! It’s ‘MAGGI’! This is a personal favorite of umm.. almost everyone! 😀 This is like the perfect, ultimate comfort food in India, especially for students and hostelers! I am sure that all of you are in a life long relationship with this magical thing, and the best part is, it tastes yummy in all the versions, be it with cheese, with veggies, with chicken or just as it is! Almost everyone was depressed when our beloved was banned, but now it is back, and back with a bang, so grab on a bowl and dig into this absolutely amazing dish!


aloo paranthas

This lip smacking delicacy is always at rescue whenever we are sad or depressed! Hot paranthas with deliciously spiced stuffing of potatoes and topped with butter… simply irresistible! Have it with curd or mango pickle, the taste enhances even more and makes you feel heavenly, this beauty had to be on this list!



Indians are incomplete without their ‘cutting chai’. Every morning, with the newspaper, or in evening just enjoying the sunset with your legs folded and sipping this hot beverage, I can bet, it  makes you forget all the worries of the world! This magic potion has the ability to make you feel good even on your worst day and recharge you to work with the ‘ bring it on’ attitude! Such a stress buster has to be on this list!


chole puri

This has to be one of those yummy dishes which make you hungry even if you are not! Spiced cholas with deep fried puris and some ‘hari mirchi’, a perfect meal to get into a perfect mood! You literally forget the count of puris once you start having them, it is just so deliciously captivating!

So guys, I am sure all of you out there are already licking your fingers and running into the kitchen to cook some of these dishes which give you the ultimate comfort and make you feel nostalgic. So, what are you waiting for? GET..SET..EAT!!!

Happy eating! 😀

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