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Foods to Eat During your Pregnancy | Wonder Wardrobes

Foods to Eat During your Pregnancy

Being a mother is one of the best thing that can happen to a woman and it’s a herculean task to take care of that little one growing inside you. Eating for two is not an easy task with so many conflicting information on what to eat and what not. You are confused with what to eat and what to not. Here’s a list of essentials you should have.



eggs fried_eggs_breakfast_greens_plate_parsley_6341_2560x1600

Eggs contain multiple vitamins and minerals and has a lot of protein which is important in pregnancy. The baby’s cell grow at a very fast rate and are made up of protein. As a pregnant woman you need to take in protein. Eggs are important for the development of the vision and the brain. Eggs have cholesterol and a healthy pregnant woman can take upto 2 eggs a day. They are so easy to make! Boiled,half boiled or scrambled!


kidney-beans 66

Naval force beans, lentils, dark beans, pinto beans, chickpeas there are such a large number of to browse.

You realize that its critical to get enough protein amid pregnancy, yet you may not yet understand that fiber could turn into your new closest companion. When you’re pregnant, your gastrointestinal tract eases off, putting you at danger for obstruction and hemorrhoids. Fiber can help avoid and ease these issues.

Moreover, says Ward, sustenance that contains fiber has a tendency to be rich in supplements. This is surely valid for beans, which are great wellsprings of iron, folate, calcium, and zinc.


baked-sweet-potato-with-spinach-and-mozzarella_newLarge Sweet-Potatoes

Sweet potatoes get their orange shading from carotenoids, plant shades that are changed over to vitamin A in our bodies.

Albeit consuming a lot of “preformed” vitamin A (found in creature sources, for example, liver, drain, and eggs) can be hazardous, carotenoids are an alternate sort. They’re changed over to vitamin A just as required, so there’s no compelling reason to confine your utilization of vitamin A-rich products of the soil. Boil them and eat them in your salads.



Walnuts are filled with omega 3, they are a great source of protein and fiber.  They might not provide that much of DHA but they still good for the both of you.


getty_rm_photo_of_whole_grain_popcorn_and_bread landscape_nrm_1420572990-rbk-whole-grains

Yes,you read that right. Whole grains are important in your diet and popcorn is whole grain and eating them surprises people! Whole grains are high in fiber and nutrients, also Vitamin E. Don’t stop at popcorn try other whole grains like oatmeal, barley and quinoa.


getty_rf_photo_of_woman_holding_greens khomoi

Green leafy vegetables are known to be good for eye health and have vitamins and nutrients like, Vitamin A, C and K as well as all the essential folate.


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Eat plenty of colourful fruits and vegetables. The more the colour the more the nutrients and vitamins for the baby and you. The more the colour the better.


Eat wisely and make sure you keep you & your baby’s health to your priority. You have nothing to worry! 🙂




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