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When I was young I was really fascinated by the advertisement of Lux soap bar. It had the top actresses of the time using the bar gently on their glamorous skin and fooling us to believe that anyone can have the skin as soft and as smooth as a cotton ball. No wonder why I used to religiously rub my skin with varied colour soap bars, until one day when my cousin suggested me to start with shower gels.

As soon as I started with, trust me, there’s no going back. And it’s not just me, some of the top soap manufacturers who used to vow by the utility of soaps are now entering the shower gel market. Long gone are the days of LifebuoyHealthy hoga Hindustan (who the hell gets healthy just by using a soap? I thought it was through healthy eating) And Luxnot just a soap, its skincare. Today, society is growing fast and everyone wants beautiful, hygienic, glamourous and luxurious products at the same time. If you are one of those then shower gel is your best pick.

There are tremendous advantages of using a shower gel. I have tried listing a few of them below:

  • Who doesn’t want to be clean? Soap bars are often covered with body hair of others. Moreover you have no idea to which body areas the bar has been used! On the other hand the shower gels are packed in such a way that it prevents it from contamination. So shower gels are more sanitary.
  • If you have dry or a very sensitive skin then shower gel is your best option because using soap will only worsen the situation.
  • Shower gels have good combination of fragrances, essential oils and vitamins in comparison to soaps.
  • Due to its liquid state shower gels produces a rich lather and with minimal scrubbing can give foamy bathing experience on the other hand soap bars take time to create foam.
  • And lastly, in order to give contemporary and stylish look to your bathroom shower gels are the most preferred option then soap bars.

Also I have listed down 5 shower gels which are few of the best and budget friendly.

Pears shower gel – Rs. 145


Pears shower gel



The Body Shop Honeymania shower gel – 450 (you can get best pricing online)

The Body Shop Honeymania shower gel


Fabindia wild rose body wash Rs. 275

Fabindia wild rose body wash


Nivea Pearl and beauty shower cream – Rs. 145

Nivea Pearl and beauty shower cream


Fiama Di wills exotic dream enlivening care gel – Rs 125

Fiama Di wills exotic dream enlivening care gel



How to use shower gels?

Using shower gels keeps your body clean, dirt free and smooth.

  • Wet your body with cold or warm water (as per your liking)
  • Take a loofah and pour coin- sized shower gel on it
  • Rub loofah on your skin gently and get a rich lather
  • Wash off yourself

And bam! Your skin will be smelling of the best fragrances and will be very silky as you want it to be.

Shower gels are the most fashionable, advantageous, glamorous and popular choice then soap bars. If you haven’t entered into the bandwagon yet, now is the time.

Go get your shower gel and have your stylish bathing experience.



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