Full Figured Fashion : How to Dress Tips For Plus Sized Girls

Every year we all sit and watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show with some munchies in our lap and criticize our body as much as we praise the models. Infact we probably do that for any skinny girl we see, we wish we had her body, her skinny arms or her oh-so-toned legs and we feel that such chicks can pull anything off! But its time to break this stereotype because even plus size women can look fabulous and follow all the current fashion trends. What matters most is confidence, its all about pulling off any attire with an oomph of confidence.


Despite saying that, one can’t leave everything on confidence. A body hugging outfit that hugs the body in all the wrong ways won’t work for anyone no matter how much confidence they strut with! The aim for being plus size and trendy is to pair the right items of clothing together so they flatter you in the best way possible. So who ever says plus size women can’t wear crop tops or boxy tee’s or even mini skirts and body con dresses clearly doesn’t have much of a fashion sense. Such ideas and thoughts should be taken in from one ear and out the other.


So coming to the main point, here’s how to wear the ‘oh so trending’ outfits of 2014-2015 and pairing them up the right way so that you can make a jaw dropping entry anywhere you go! It’s time to let go of black-brown-and-boring and give into some mainstream fashion.

As per the fashion world, crop tops are for size 0 people, anyone who isnt size 0 cant wear a crop top. But that’s just fashion mumbo jumbo, as long as you pair the crop top with the right bottoms everyone can pull off a crop top. Just because someone doesn’t have a curved in flat tummy doesn’t mean they cant rock a crop top!

  • Make sure the crop top is towards the longer side and doesn’t end at your bust
  • Choose a structured crop top as opposed to a body hugging one
  • Pair a crop top up with high waisted flared pants or a high waisted skirt
  • If you’re feeling conscious, wear a pullover or a single breasted jacket
  • Heels add height an give an illusion of a longer body, thus diverting attention away from the mid rift

long skirt


Ditch the whole idea of plus size means flared pants and baggy jeans. You’re just as entitled to wear skirts and shorts, as much as any person on this planet! The only rules you need to keep in mind are that your skirt/shorts should be high waisted, flared not body hugging and should accentuate your waist. Talk about calf length and knee length skirts, it’s the fuller women who carry them off the best!


Maxi’s are every girls go-to dress, so why not for a fuller woman? After all the hide the problem areas, bring out your waist and bust and even give an illusion of being taller. As long as you find a maxi with a wide V neck , you can pull off almost any colour or print! A new trend is ankle length maxi’s, and damn do they bring out the curves; they’re better suited for voluptuous women as opposed to skinny girls.



Now whoever says fuller women must stick to black really needs to get a reality check! Florals are in, and they way they flatter a fuller body is amazing. A knee length flowly floral dress or even a maxi will look stunning for a night out or even a fancy dinner date. For daily wear, a structured floral top or even a tailored floral print jacket will work wonders.


Supposedly the aim of a boxy top is for skinny women to add volume, but hello *light bulb* why cant a loose boxy top help fuller women look slimmer? It certainly can. Pair it up with high waisted straight pants or an A line skirt and you wont want walk away from the mirror! The top will hide your heavier upper body and give an illusion of a slimmer size altogether. And the best part, you could wear this for lunch, a movie, or even clubbing!

high waisted skirt


The most common print you see now says is Aztec, but its usually in Zara mini’s or Forever 21 tanks. Its time to ditch the basics and try something different, say Aztec sneaker! One thing a fuller woman must have is an over sized bag, what better than an oversized bag with an Aztec panel on it? Another great trend is the cape cum cardigan, find that in a great print and you’re pretty much set for anything life has to offer; also it helps conceal all the problem area’s and makes you look flawless.



So ditch the stereo types, ignore the “do’s and donts” of plus sized dresses and wear whats in style with an outburst of confidence and an even greater fashion sense! Wear what looks good, whatever makes you feel your best and strut around with a big smile in an air of confidence!

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