Gaining By Bargaining

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It’s THAT time of the year yet again! Every shopaholic knows what I’m talking about. It’s sale season! Every store is now on sale and it has left our palms itching to grab the best deals. Most people avoid going to the stores because of the scorching heat but believe me girls, this is the best time to visit your favourite stores and snag the items you have been eyeing for months at less than half the price. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you to make the most out of this crazy sale season!

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  • Look for classic items. Invest in a classic pair of blue denims, white button down shirt, a pencil skirt, a classic black blazer or an everyday tote bag. These items will last in your wardrobe for the longest time and if you end up getting them on sale, you will definitely have a great sleep that night 😉
  • The sale season is the best time to replace your basics. A simple white tee, a striped crop top or black pants, if you’re keen on replacing the basics you currently have because they have worn out completely due to the number of times you’ve worn them, now is the perfect time to make the switch! You’ll find a ton at unbelievable prices.
  • Do your research and look for pieces that have not only been in trend this season, but are here to stay. Pro tip- Look for statement pieces with fringe details.
  • Go for that one statement piece that you have been eyeing for months but did not buy because of the huge hole it would create in your pocket. NOW is the time to grab that baby and make it yours for lesser than half the usual price!
  • One can never have too many accessories and personally, I think they have the magical ability to dress you up or down. Be it sunglasses, scarves, handbags, neckpieces or even a perfume, make sure to buy a few during this sale season.
  • Bring out the stylist in you. Give your wardrobe a complete makeover by adding the right amount of sass. Browse through Pinterest for styling ideas as well as trends from fashion shows of various designers. Talk international fashion.
  • Buy gifts! Okay so it isn’t really “nice” to buy gifts from a sale but everyone likes spending lesser, right?! Be it a watch or a pair of heels, make sure to buy something for your loved ones.


So there are my tips for shopping in the sale season! Hope this helps you clear the chaos in your mind while shopping this weekend.


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