Geek to Chic-wear your glasses the right way!

They say,’ Eyes are the windows of the soul’, but what if there is an ugly curtain hanging in front of those windows ?! Yes, you got it right, the ugly curtains are the big old glasses which i am referring to! 99% girls with specs consider it to be an obstruction on their face.Glasses have always been the “NO NO” thing  for every girl, but lately,they have become the ‘in-thing’. You can look  as sassy,sexy,chic and classy with glasses as one can look without them!

So girls,  here are some tips on what all things to keep in mind if you have one of those curtains and look absolutely  WOW!

Well Shaped Eyebrows

well shaped eyebrows

Always keep your eyebrows well groomed if you wear glasses, as they get accentuated by your glasses and if they are not neat,it spoils the entire look and makes you look like a dumb nerd! Use a brow pencil or powder to make the shape even better and perfect, use wax to get rid of those stray hair.

Wear Eyeliner


Eyeliner enhances  anything and everything you wear.It adds that oomph factor to the entire look.Accentuate your eyes with eyeliner,but be careful that the eyes will be magnified after wearing glasses,so don’t have a very elaborate eyeliner,highlight the lids which will make your eyes pop,and make you look pretty!

Use Concealer


Its a bitter truth,but wearing glasses darkens the under-eye and causes wrinkles in that area.Hence, to hide that, use a concealer under the eye and dab it properly so that it blends properly with the skin,and avoid the eyes to look dreary with the specs.

Curl your lashes

curl your lashes

It becomes really annoying when your big eyelashes hits against the glasses,hence try curling up your eyelashes with the curler as it will not only solve this problem but also makes your eyes look even bigger and beautiful.Use a volumanising mascara to make them  look even fuller and bushy and give that “pop-up” look!

Wear a bold Lip-color

bold lipcolor

A bold sexy lip-color makes you look extremely hot with the glasses. But make sure that you wear  black or brown framed glasses.If you have a colored frame,then go for a rather subtle shade like maybe a rosy pink or a nude color or just a shiny gloss.The lip-color adds  a new spiced up flavor to the entire look!

A nice hairstyle.


A pepped-up hairstyle always jazzes up the entire look.Try experimenting with your hair to suit your glasses. Wear a short retro bob or tie your hair up in a nice high bun or ponytail. Accessorize with cute headbands and clips.Avoid too long bangs to fall on your face as it hampers the entire look!

So, no more running away from glasses. Wear them in the most stylish and glamorous way you can,experiment and spice it up in your own way.Get going girls, and metamorphose yourselves from geek to chic!

Have fun and stay in vogue!

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