Gender equality dressing !!(girls as boys)

Hello everyone, this article is gonna be a fun read. This article is about gender equality in dressing; how a woman can dress as a man according to the said stereotypical standards.

Let us begin with discussing how women, with their dressing style, can depict equality.

A pair of jeans, a loose t-shirt, a scarf around your neck and yes, my favourite high boots.
This will be a perfect look for you to go on a date if you want to tell your boyfriend your thoughts with respect to gender equality without even uttering a word.

This is my look !
This is my look

Culottes are the next cool thing to try on! Culottes with a V-neck crop shirt and flats! (A braided leather bracelet- optional)
This will be a perfect rainy day college look. Moreover, culottes are very trendy these days. They are very comfortable and sporty, definitely worth trying.

Is it raining outside ? Oh! I dont care!!
Is it raining outside ? Oh! I don’t care!
The college day!
The college day

The biker look- A leather jacket with chains if you want, skinny jeans, plain top, long boots with mid heels.
This can be your best adventurous look. The look when you want to go on a long ride on your boyfriend’s new bike.

Bike ride!
Bike ride!

Next is your lazy day look! All you need are a pair of loose shorts and yes, a loose t-shirt along with a pair of slippers.

lazy day at home
lazy day at home

Now comes your daily college look! Shorts, loose tee and sneakers!
This will be a perfect look for having fun in college and not having to care a damn about handling clothes.

college day!
college day!

We love the fact that you believe in feminism. We also know that the world today is governed by image projection in a huge way. In order to combine these two facets of our life, we have come up with a perfect look for your internship. This look screams confidence and independence like nothing else does:
Linen fitted pants, a loose fitting tucked-in shirt and a sleek stole around your neck.

Finally I am all ready set go for working !
Finally I am all ready set go for working .

Things which you should never do for gender-equality dressing:
1. Don’t overdo that lipgloss
2. No dramatic hair dos
3. No fancy shimmering accessories
4. Try avoiding high pencil heels
5. No smoky eyes and winged eyeliner

No never ! This is not the look !
No never ! This is not the look !

I hope you would love to try out these looks.
So, this was all about how a girl can dress up as a ‘boy’.
But in my next article it will be vice-versa. I know it sounds strange but wait till you read it out.
Wearing scarves is a trend boys have borrowed from girls. This was just a hint of what my next gender equality dressing article will talk about! Till then, happy dressing!!


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