5 Birthday Gift Wrapping Ideas that’ll Steal the Show

Do you dread gift wrapping presents and postpone it to the very last minute? One reason may be that you’re tired of just taking a sheet of paper and putting it on the box. We totally understand how that may be boring. So, we wanted to share some DIY gift wrapping ideas that will help mix it up and bring some life into your gift wrapping. These ideas are guaranteed to make your birthday gifts look special!

Let’s get started with some gift wrapping ideas that’d make your gifts stand out:

1. Complement your gift wraps with ribbons:


For this idea, we suggest getting wrapping paper in the giftee’s favourite colours. It could be completely simple. And once you’ve wrapped the gift, tie a ribbon of a contrasting color around it to add a distinctive edge to it.

2. Design and print the gift paper:


Want to send a message through your gifts? Have it designed and printed. Getting a message typed or a picture printed is one of the best gift wrapping techniques for someone who wants to give a personalized touch to their gifts.

3. Use some fabric for gift wrapping:


Run to a local fabric store and buy a piece of netting, organza, chiffon or satin fabric. Replace your gift papers with these fabrics to give a feminine touch to your gifts.

4. Out-of-the-box gift wrapping ideas


Mix up the design! Who says you have to stick to the straight and narrow with a rectangular box. One idea is to change the design with a triangle, hexagon, and octagonal box. And, decorate them in a variety of ways!

5. Make use of unique accents:


Cut out illustrations from old greeting cards and paste them on a plain paper. Use naturally available objects like corals, seashells, stones or pebbles to give your birthday gift a raw and refined look.

With these gift wrapping ideas, you can safely bid goodbye to those boring plain wrapping papers and add some edgy drama to your gifts. Let your gifts be a reflection of your personality and obviously, that of the receiver as well!

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