Glam Up Those Eyes With a Little Art!

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul! Well then, why not make these windows a lil’ glamorous and colourful? Who needs paper when your eyes can be the perfect canvas for you to draw, paint, and stick on! Makeup artists and face painters nowadays are letting their imaginations run wild and coming up with crazy, vivid and beautiful ideas to convert eyes into masterpieces! Famous eye art designers and visual artists like Tal Peleg create such breathtaking eye designs over their models that makes people’s heads turn.

Eye Art Cat

Eye Art is fast gaining popularity these days, with various portrait and fashion photographers and makeup artists trying their hands at the spanking new trend! Many makeup artists are even giving out tutorials or conducting workshops for fresh industry entrants so they may acquire these skills.

 Eye Art Green n Gold

Makeup artists and photographers use stuff like vibrant colours, glitters, swarovskis, beads, colour dusts, feathers, and what nots to create a wide variety of characters, scenes and illusions over the eyes with jaw-dropping beauty! Many of them, like Tal Peleg himself, even draw up characters and scenarios from animated movies like Frozen, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid and so on around their models’ eyes to help make their art come alive! This way they ensure that the viewers can connect to what they see and are instantly attracted!

Eye Art Theme Frozen

Belonging to the local public who is able to find just enough time each morning to swipe in eyeliner and Kohl before running off to work, we might think that this trending adventure on the eyes is incredibly difficult and absolutely impossible to achieve through our untrained hands. But, ladies, that is not the case! Eye Art is super easy to create once you get the hang of it! It is as easy as our favourite fashionista Cher put it in the movie Burlesque- “When you’re putting on makeup, it’s like you’re an artist. But instead of painting a canvas, you’re painting a face!

All we need to do to add this pretty touch of glamour to our own eyes is just a little bit of practice and a little bit more time than we usually spare for our daily routine of makeup. And of course, we mustn’t forget all of those bright and shiny tools like colourful eye shadows, face paints, glitters, and the most important thing – a mind overflowing with brilliant and most creative ideas!

Eye Art Princess Blue

Now, one can rightly point out that Eye Art for serious office going women is nothing less that drama screaming out to the people in the workspace who might end up thinking you’ve gone crazy. Corporate scenarios require rather sober appearances. But that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment and showcase your talent to the world! You just need to be careful as to where you showcase it. So leave Eye Art to days when you venture out to parties and events with friends, preferably those that happen in the day, and carry out just enough savvy eye makeup in your office space that is limited to colourful eyeliners, winged liners, and smokey eye effects, which, by the way, are very in!

It’s time all you pretty ladies out there give up your usual boring every day routine of makeup and try something sassy for a change! Leave the monotony behind and experiment all you want! Besides, life is about discovering new things, and of course, a little show off! *wink*

Eye Art Wink

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