Glowing Skin Made Easy!

glowing skin

Wonder how some people are blessed with skin that is oh so perfect and bereft of any flaws or imperfections? Apart from some very strong gene game, healthy glowing skin requires some extra TLC. Good skin doesn’t just happen for most people, it requires some looking after.

But fret not! Good skin doesn’t necessarily have to cost a bomb. Our very own mother nature is good enough! Trust us, your time and care are the only costs you will have to pay to achieve the Snow White-esque skin of your dreams.
We here at Wonder Wardrobes are here to help in your quest to achieve beautiful skin! Read on to amplify your skin care regime!

Sugar Rush!

sugar scrub

Is dry and flaky skin your problem? Not any more! Something as easily accessible as sugar can help you achieve smooth and supple skin. All you need to do is mix a generous amount of sugar with equal parts honey and olive oil in a container and voila! Instant sugar scrub!
Tip- Add your choice of essential oil to the mix if you wanna smell great as well while you are at it!

Baking Soda!

baking soda

Baking soda isn’t just limited to your baked delicacies! It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects help calm skin problems like acne, pigmentation and spots. While it also helps exfoliate the skin and rids it of germs and dead skin. Mix one teaspoon baking powder with one teaspoon lemon juice or rose water and massage it on your skin for a couple minutes before rinsing it.
Smoother skin instantly!

Honey Glow!

honey mask

Have you been feeling like clear skin is so not on your cards? A scrumptious honey face mask may be just what you need! Use it alone as a mask to freshen dehydrated skin or add some lemon juice for some added freshness. The antibacterial properties of honey will leave you feeling clean.
Feed your skin with this uber hydrating mask!

Think Green!

green tea scrub

Did you think green tea is only good enough for toning up that tummy? Green tea is actually highly beneficial even when used externally. Don’t throw away used green tea leaves! Instead mix them with water and granulated sugar and use it as a scrub. It’s exfoliating effect will help you attain supple, glowing skin.
Scrub away!

Oils Well!

olive oil

If you are amongst those who feel that oil and your face don’t go together, then I’d suggest you give olive oil a try! A natural moisturiser, olive oil’s regenerative properties help boost cell production and keeps your skin toned and clear. Mix equal parts olive oil and water and massage your skin with the same for a couple minutes and rinse.
Bye bye dryness!

Avocado Goodness!

avocado face mask

Craving smooth, soft skin? Then avocado is the way to go! This fleshly fruit is enriched with precious vitamins and minerals that are highly beneficial for healthy skin. All you need is the flesh part of a ripe avocado and equal parts milk and honey. Mash it all together and use as a mask.
Let avocado be your saviour!

Lemon All The Way!

lemon mask

Has the blistering sun robbed you of your natural glow? It’s time to get your glow back girl! Lemon is often used as a natural bleach owing to it’s whitening properties. Just evenly apply the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon on your face and let it sit for a while before rinsing.
An instant glow is guaranteed!

Oatmeal To The Rescue!

oatmeal mask

Is excess oil giving you trouble? Your breakfast might help! Oatmeal’s drying effect will help absorb all the excess oil off your face. It also works wonders on dry, itchy skin due it’s hydrating properties. It also exfoliates the skin and aids in reviving the skin. Blend together oatmeal and hot water to a thick consistency. Then add honey to the mix and apply evenly on your face as a mask.
Oatmeal is truly a cure all!

Ladies, go au naturale and give your skin the glow it deserves with the help of these easy to whip up home made face masks! Get your glow on!

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