Go Boyfriend-ish! Tips To Wear Your Boyfriend’s Clothes!

Bored with your wardrobe? Its time for some stealing girls, and the victim of the robbery is gonna be your beloved BOYFRIEND! Yep, you heard me right! It’s cute to put on those heavy jackets, loose T-shirts, over sized jerseys, but definitely it’s not easy to look stylish in those clothes! You might just end up looking like a hanger with piles of clothes shabbily hung on you! But on the contrary, it’s not ‘THAT DIFFICULT’ also to look like a style diva in your boyfriend’s clothes, all you need is some mixing and matching & experimentation.


So, here are some simple yet fun ways to get into those loose pieces that hold the smell of his favorite cologne and make you feel all lovey-dovey!

Steal that classic black blazer.

black blazer

Every guy has a formal basic black blazer in his wardrobe. You can change this  rather formal piece into a sexy piece by pairing it up with a dress or a crisp white ganji top and blue denims or tight pants. Accessorize with some neck pieces like long funky chains or chokers and some over sized leather handbags!

Steal that flannel shirt.

flannel shirt 1 flannel shirt 2

Flannel shirts are among the most comfy clothes in a guy’s wardrobe, they are soft and loose and extremely cosy. You can pair it up with dresses, denims, jeggings or simply tie it around your waist! They will give a new look altogether with whatever you pair it up with!

Steal that belt.


Pair your boyfriend’s belt with your jeans or trousers and make it a statement piece. Try it with some of your cocktail dresses and if it is too big, try tying it up in a knot instead of a properly belting it!

Steal that white T.

white t 1white t3

Steal your boyfriend’s favorite white t shirt and get that ‘casual chic’ look by pairing it up with your leggings, shorts or skirts,try tucking it loosely. Accessorize with funky chains and bracelets or even scarves!

Steal that blue pair of denims.

boyfriend's jeans

This is my personal favorite and I am damn sure most of the girls out there too love this! Pair up this fantastic piece with almost anything and everything and you will end up looking absolutely cool! Try out some blazer with it for a formal yet comfy look or pair it up with a peplum top and solid colored stilettos  for a rather dressy feel or just a loose sweater or jersey (steal that also from your boyfriend’s wardrobe!) for ‘laid back lazy chic’ look!

Steal that button down shirt.

button down shirtbutton down shirt2

Pull out any button down shirt from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and create a tie up dress by knotting it or just wear it as it is, put a broad belt around your waist and create a whole new shirt dress for yourself! Wear some accessories some nice make-up to lift up the entire look!

So, I am positive that most of you must have already planned up the robbery and ready to implement it. Girls, get going and just pull off everything out of your “baby’s” wardrobe and go wild experimenting! These are just a few tips, but I am sure you can do a lot more, you just have to think and do, don’t hesitate just TRY, I am damn sure your boyfriend will be bowled all over you again!

Have fun!




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