Go Gingham This Season!

Wondering what’s that one fashion trend that never fades ? One that sails through all seasons and times.

Well , Gingham prints fit in your search ! The prints are not anything new but off late it’s a trend that’s speeded up and all designers are honing in on new ways of presenting them. Presented in a range of colors that best any wraps , they are likely to find fans beyond the more traditional wearer.

Let me tell you a little about this type.

Gingham is a medium weight balanced plain woven fabric made from dyed cotton blend yarn. It’s made of carded , medium or fine yarns where the coloring is on the wrap yarns and always along the grain , weft. It has no right or wrong side with respect to its color which makes it so handy and classy to put on.

According to the trend alerts , they are calling it now : Gingham is the print of spring 2015. Micheal Kors , Oscar de la rente or be it Altuzarra all agree.

So many people wonder about the difference between the Vichy print and the Gingham print. Well , Vichy is the French word for Gingham. Some poeple prefer using the French word for it sounds interesting and it reminds of the Gingham print dress that Bridget Bardot famously wore to marry Jacques     Charrier which was known as the Vichy dress.

If you ask about the print’s cloth manufacturing as many do , it is produced in cotton , synthetic fiber blends and even man made olefin fibers. It’s appearance when made as an all cotton fabric is that of a flat luster. Many treat the fabric to make it resistant to wrinkles because it normally tends to wrinkle very easily. It is however a midweave fabric that wears well and is easy to clean.

You can also consider it a plaid pattern.

Let me be your guide for the best Gingham shopping providing you some options to choose your go Gingham spring look of the seaso.

Let us get started !

Black and White Gingham Print

This is the fresh OSCAR DE LA RENTE collection. The evergreen black and white combination never goes out of style. You can team this up with some black shoes to get the perfect look !

Blue and White Gingham Print

The fresh color pacts and the white prints of the season give this dress a ravishing look for the season. Altuzarra collection at its best for the Gingham style.

Micheal Kors spring Gingham collection

Micheal Kors spring Gingham collection. The black crop top teamed with black and white Gingham print is best suited for the season. Carry along a brown plate sling and same line shoes give you an edgy look.

Micheal kors classy look Gingham Print

Micheal kors classy look. The combination of black , yellow and white gingham print peplum is the trend of the season. Teamed with black and white high waist pants gives you an amazing office look that beats all.

Light brown and White Gingham Print

This minni Karen walker plaid dress is fit for a light party or an outing with friends. Light brown and white combination of the tie up top with attached midi shorts dress is an in for all types. Teaming it up with plain shoes of line color give you a look that’s complete.

The print is a popular pick by many celebrities who carry it on many occasions and events. Have a look at these !

 Denims and a Gingham shirt

The best way to carry a casual look with the print. Denims and a Gingham shirt takes it all.

Shorts along with a tucked Gingham print shirt

The best summer look. Shorts along with a tucked Gingham print shirt !

Black and White Gingham Print

The print is definitely the pick of the season. So what are you waiting for ?

Go Gingham this season !

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