Go Goa Gone!

A long weekend is always around the corner, and everyone wants to beat the hair raising winter by taking a long relaxing vacation in Goa. And why shouldn’t you, after all it is one of the best places to let your hair loose, wear the bare minimum and plunge into the water. But then comes the major hassle – packing! That’s the most stressful part of this de-stressing trip; there are a million questions like, “How many bikini’s and costumes are considered too much?”, “Will 10 tops suffice for 4 days?” and the the infamous “What should I wear the nights we go out partying?” .

The minute one lands in Goa, we cant wait to rush to our hotel and change into those mini shorts and boxy tops. After all, Goa is hot and we must look hotter! After some complaints made in reference to “fat arms” “fat thighs” and “omg my stomach looks so fat” its time to leave the hotel room and head to the beach.. then comes the mind numbing question of what to wear to the beach! So instead of wearing your costume/bikini and something on top while carrying a huge bag with sunglasses , sunscreen and a change of clothes; why not just wear a sarong with short or even better a sheer pullover with shorts/a skirt over your bathing suit. That way you could strip at the beach and not have to worry about changing your clothes every time you get wet. Oh , also be smart enough to wear sturdy flat chappals otherwise you might give up on life trying to make it to the main beach area!

Beach wear

Another important thing, don’t think SPF 50 will stop the tan because that’s more for places like 5 km’s within the suns rays! Use SPF 25-30 and cover your face with sunglasses and a big straw hat since your sun is the most sensitive area. And no matter what you do, please don’t roam around Goa in knee length boots! Its hot, bring out the boxy tee’s and crop tops with the mini skirts and beachy maxi’s. Plus it’ll really help when you walk from shop to shop bargaining with each shop keeper trying to bring the price down by 50 rupees.

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Keep the trends in mind while you pack, lacey tops and floral prints. Since 2015 is all about bright pastel colours and their shades, try to incorporate that into your outfits. Floral shorts with a lacey top, cute pastel shorts with a sheer pull over; all the outfits work best in Goa. When you buy your bikini/costume go for some pastel colours or eve an Aztec print, since they’re both very in these days! To give you a little Goa footwear cheat code, kolapuris are super comfortable and very sturdy, a good buy to walk around on the beach.

Beach wear


Once the long relaxing beach day is over, its time to head back to the room and have another session of “Im too fat to wear this” and “I have no clothes” before you finally get ready for dinner. If you’re going somewhere like Thalasa or The Fisherman’s Wharf wear a boxy top with well fitted shorts or jeggings and team it up with an envelope or box clutch. But if this trip is more about partying and drinking, head to the Tito’s lane or Club Cabana; for these places team up a crop top with a flared casual skirt or a shift dress and you’re going to fit in just fine! Keep the make up to a minimal and bring out the accessories, most people there are dresses pretty casually and aren’t too loud.  Though friendly advice, stick to ballerinas or comfortable wedges otherwise your feet will have a worse hangover than you the next morning.

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Apart from this, have a great time sub bathing without getting too much of a tan and manage waking up for your flight the last day despite your crazy hangover. And one day make an effort to wake up for your hotel breakfast, its always amazing. Not to mention the golden friend prawns and squid you’ll get on the beach – heavenly. Enjoy your port wine and take enough stunning selfies for instragram, Cheers!

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