Go Minimalist On Make Up This Season

Many of us don’t like to put on so much of make up because we think it doesn’t look good, but a hint of little make up would do no harm to our skin rather it makes the skin appear brighter. In this article there are tips to put on basic minimal make up routine and you are good to go for a long day.Minimal make up is very much in and it looks amazing because it appear natural yet beautiful. Minimal cannot be mistaken with no make up,since this is minimal i have written a natural make up routine which will make you look like you have not used make ups.

Well, well, well guys hold on; before we start with make up tips, prep your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturising, stop using cleansers which instantly makes your skin dry and itchy that ultimately makes the skin dull instead use moisturising face washes. It all depends upon your skin type, people with Oily skin tone can also use moisturising face wash preferably followed by a toner.

So lets start with the tips:

Step 1.  Pat dry your wet face instead of rubbing the towel. Using a good moisturizer is a must, so you need to know the correct one, which suits your skin.Use a light base hydrating moisturizer, to hydrate the pores be it oily or dry or combination skin.I preferrably use L’OREAL PARIS HYDRA FRESH AQUA-BALM moisturiser which instantly makes my skin glow without making it sticky. Spread some dots of moisturiser all over your face and blend it.

IMG_1800  IMG_1791

Step 2.  Start preparing a base for your makeup by applying small dots of primer and blend it all over your face. Any primer would do depending upon the skin type; it will protect your face from getting creasy after long hours.Here I am using ORIFLAME PERFECTING FACE PRIMER.

IMG_1801 IMG_1809

Step 3. After completing with primer, dab very little foundation, a full coverage one as it provides coverage without using much of it, since we are doing minimal make up so put some dots all over your face and start blending it well either using your fingers or sponge or brush which ever you prefer.I generally use a foundation brush because it not only blends well but it also makes the skin bright.I use MAX FACTOR FACEFINITY- ALL DAY FLAWLESS 3 IN 1 FOUNDATION, I love this foundation because it also contains concealer, it makes the skin glow all day long and it suits my skin very well.

IMG_1805    IMG_1793


Step 4. Since we are doing minimal make up so grab a black kohl pencil, draw a very thin line just above your eyelashes, make it very close to your eyelashes to make a very thin line now extend it upwards at the outer corner of the eye to make a  small wing . See the difference – your eyes will appear bright and big.I am using LOTUS ECOSTAY KAJAL in this image, it is smudge proof and water proof too, a nice Kajal to spend on for those who cannot do without Kajal a single day.

IMG_1806 IMG_1794

Step 5. This minimal make up needs heavy coats of mascara, a mascara makes a huge difference on eye make up and it looks complete, swipe on several coats of mascara on the upper and lower lash, it enhances your eyes and open it up.I am using L’OREAL VOLUME MILLION EXCESS in this image, its the best for me as it makes the eye lashes look longer.

IMG_1770    IMG_1774

Step 6. Do not end this routine without shaping your eyebrows, brush it upwards and make it in a right shape. Eyebrows are a very important part of the face; most of us leave it as it is. If you shape your eyebrows little with a brush it enhances your face and make it prominent.You can simply make out the difference after brushing the brows, it is in shape and most important it looks natural.

IMG_1807 eyebrows

Step 7. Last but not the least and also my favourite apply lipstick, lip gloss, or whatever you prefer, since this article is about minimal make up so you should go for light colored lipsticks such as pinks or nudes. I have used LOTUS ECOSTAY (LOTUS PINK 422) in this image.

IMG_1810   IMG_1797

A before and after pic for my readers, the difference you can make out with just a hint of make up. A tip for every girls to follow – Do remove all your make up before going to bed.





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