Going Back In Time with Naga Culture

There are so many different cultures in the world which we aren’t even aware of. Each culture brings with it its own history, language, food and of course, their costumes. Unfortunately, we are moving towards a more globalized era where these cultures are not able to sustain themselves. Very rarely will you see people wearing their traditional costumes. Through this post I bring to you the traditional costume of Naga culture from the North-eastern regions of India.

I have made a dress which is inspired from the Naga culture.

The Naga culture prefer their clothes in stripes and mostly hand woven. The color I’ve chosen is red. Basically, they just wear shawls over their bodies but I thought of adding stripes to the design and giving it a different style.

It took me a lot of time researching over the things. I doodled a lot about their culture and the things related to it and then came up to a conclusion that the bead work is also something which is elegant in its own.

garment front   garment backbelt

First of all, sketching is a must before you try to get into designing. Only then will you be able to express yourself freely and get the perfect look you had in your mind. The doodling need not be the perfect but one should have the overview of how will the garment look.

After sketching, it was time to make the garment.

Naga culture frontNaga culture back

Naga culture dress top

Naga culture dress bottom


This is the final result where I combined their cultural dress and also added a few ideas of my own. The inspiration has been taken from the Naga tribe along with the beads.

Every culture is beautiful and that’s what I’ve tried to portray here. We need to accept and celebrate different cultures around us and through the garment, I hope to make you readers aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

This garment can be worn by anyone and make you look fabulous at the same time. Turn heads around with this dress and tell them what inspired you to make this beautiful dress!

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