Hair Color? We’d Love To!

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May it be Demi’s pink shaved hair or Deepika’s cocktail highlights we all love to paint ourselves a little too much for others dislike. Experimenting with your self is what all that teenagers want to do right now. Flashy nail paints, hipster outfits, quirky shoes Oh! and a red head as well please. If you are just about to dye your hair, we know what a painstaking job it can be. Before going all “I really don’t care ”  hold back. We wanna do it and we wanna do it right. So much to know and so much to do, tick-tock time is not running any slower. These might just help:

Identify your own natural hair color.


Hey there, artist! Do not jump start to painting your canvas. We need to do some ground survey here. Identifying and knowing your natural hair color is essential. It guides you on how to choose your dye. For eg: people with lighter shades can opt for semi darker shades or highlights first.

Be realistic


No, we didn’t just drop out of  a movie and yes, we still are stuffing our mouths on our parents’ comforter, so, do not just imitate the pop stars and actresses. Drastic hair-color isn’t achieved overnight. Start with basic minimal transitions and once you master the art, go bonkers! 

Look your look


As kids, we loved playing dress-up games. Well, we are here to get inspired by them. If you plan on making dramatic changes, try on wigs that might give you a close idea of your look in coming future. You can even ask your stylist to send you samples of colors you want and try them on on various extensions or photoshop always helps. Just know what the outcome is going to be like.

Buy a shade lighter than you want


Know a thing or two about fine-tuning tresses: Hair dye always comes out two shades darker than the image on the box. Unless you don’t want to shine out under the sun, buy a shade or two lighter than your desired color. It is always easier to amp up a color’s intensity than it is to tone it down.

Say no to shower

wash day

Yes, you lazy asses, you are officially told to avoid a shower. Now that you have adequate amount of knowledge, you are all set to go. Make sure you skip your shampoo a day or two before the D-day. Scalp’s natural hair oil acts as a repellent to prevent irritation. It is even easier to section second day hair which allows even distribution of the color. Sweep back your unwashed strands by a head gear.

Watch the clock


As silly it may sound, book your appointments considering favorable time slots. Do not dye after 7PM. Your hairstylist may not attend your call after working hours and you might just have to wait until the dawn. To avoid the oops! make sure you plan wisely and during business hours so that your help is a mere phone call away.

Take good care

chlorinecolor hair

Oh, so now that you accomplished your task you have some strict protocols to follow. “With great power comes great responsibility.” Only you are to be held responsible for the damage caused. Use heavy moisturizing mask once a week to repair dry hair and restore the shine. No pools for 2-3 weeks as chlorine can cause a problem. As much as you would love to flaunt your new shade, try to protect it from sun and pollution as much as possible.

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