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In this article, I will give you the full scoop on each hairstyle trend which is fresh, hot and definitely a big yes to go this year. Now is the only time to take the plunge with some new hairstyles. So get inspired by one of these hairstyles and spice up your look.



pixie1 hair style

Short hair is so popular this year. Everyone is going short because of its feminine and flattering feature. Short hairstyles are edgier and more modern. Looks include the pompadour, long bangs with shorter sides, pixie cuts, super-shots and edgy cuts. This kind of hairstyle works best on women having heart-shaped, square and oval faces with thick, naturally wavy hair.


taylor shaggy

The modern shag hairstyle is all about choppy ends, lots of layers, mussy and the casual look it has in it. The shag haircut continues to be the most versatile of all haircuts. The beauty in the shag hairstyle is that it flatters all face shapes. This shag hairstyle is mostly longer in the front and shorter in the back. You just need to use a texturizing spray to get that mussy, choppy look.



jennifer aniston ponytail

This undone pony is a chic way to make a statement, while putting in very minimal effort.  Jennifer Aniston’s low-key version is a perfect leave it purposely ponytail. If you want to highlight your face like her, go for a side part and a really sleek low ponytail. Leave some strands upfront purposely undone to frame your face. Let a few sidepieces fall free and pump up the hair volume on top. Wade hair blow dry to smooth or apply finishing spray. Undone and natural can be the perfect touch for a style. The soft bangs and face-framing layer gives a more laid-back vibe.



cara bed head

I-woke-up-like-this look is young and playful. This is my personal favorite hairstyle and I love the fact that people are acknowledging the wild and crazy look as the easiest and best way to go. So for all the lazy girls out there, the wake up and go method is the new cool. Just don’t forget to use a salt spray and you’re ready to go. Cara Delevingne pulls of this look so greatly. Her bed head look is totally ruling over the Internet. The thing is, all she needs to do is spray a little hairspray on and she’s good to go for the day.


NICOLE SCHERZINGER at The Topshop Topman Opening Party in Los Angeles

Light up the day or night with blazing long and straight hair. Keep your length but spice it up with perfectly placed volume and layers. You can turn this simple do into a style essential with a bit of tweaking, both subtle and grand. This Rapunzel hairstyle is always fabulous. Get ceramic-plated flat irons, re-create it and make it more gorgeous.


shakira wavyhairstyles-2015-10

Awesome waves are contrasted with full thick bangs, its very light and a trendy hairstyle. Waves, which provide the evenly distributed volume is the main mantra. Use a hair drier and a round ceramic brush to make it extra wavier. You can also add contrasted and blends of colors to the drama as well. Layers are kept soft and long to help add shape and minimize bulk.



The lob flatters everyone. It can be swept into an updo or messy hairdo and looks perfect throughout the day. Pull out your locks with flat irons and backcomb to gain volume. Lobs are recommended for women with oval or triangular faces because of the facial features. Lobs for straight hair attract the girly angelic charm. The hairstyle adds dimension to your hair.

P.S – On a windy day

Laid back, charming and gay

Hair across your face

Teasing and flirting with

The sunset and grace…

Every hairstyle has its own story. Choose the one your heart goes after.

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