Health Hacks For Lazy People!

Has being healthy always been on the top of your to-do list, but you just don’t know where to start? Then we here at Wonder Wardrobes are here to set you on the right track.
A healthy lifestyle requires commitment, but you don’t have to go all out, all at once. Baby steps is the key here!


Following a healthy lifestyle involves patience and diving right into it may seem like a tedious task. Your best bet would be to ease into healthy living by picking up healthy habits along the way.
We present to you easy to follow health hacks that you can incorporate in your daily life for a more healthier and happier you!



Do you tend to fall off routine easily? Then work out with your pals to keep yourself moving! Working out with your friends carries multiple benefits. You will be more motivated and hence, less likely to miss classes. It will also help your group to bond and bring you closer than ever! So sign up for Yoga or workout sessions with your posse and tone it up!
Friends who workout together, stay together!

Get on your feet!

Does your work require prolonged periods of sitting? Then I’d suggest you get in a habit of getting up while working at various intervals. Sitting for longer duration of time without any movement can contribute to obesity and can also trigger chronic pain.
So, get up and start moving!

Keep up with the calories!

calorie counter

Hogging down food without keeping track is never a good idea! Being oblivious to your calorie intake can be extremely harmful as you lose sight of what you are putting inside yourself. Tracking what you eat makes you conscious of your diet and prevents you from making unhealthy choices. Calorie counting is a piece of cake in our day and age. There’s an array of apps available to choose from that will do all the work for you!
You better start downloading!

Lose the soda!

Put down that soda! You will be doing yourself a huge favor. Sodas and other such caffeinated drinks are packed with sugar, color and flavorings that are extremely damaging to your body. Quitting unnecessary sugar is the first step towards healthier living. It also leads to rapid weight gain. Now that’s certainly something that you don’t need!
Chug down some water instead!

Go fresh!

go fresh

Providing your body with the freshest produce possible is the best thing you can do for your body! Ready to eat meals might be your ultimate lifesavers, but they do you more harm than good. Canned or packaged food contain a huge amount of sugar, preservatives as well as high levels of sodium. Opting for fresh or frozen food will be much more beneficial for your well being as they retain all the nutrients within them.
Swap those chips for a carrot instead!

Plate it!

smaller plate

Make use of a smaller plate the next time you dine! Wondering why? According to science, opting for a smaller plate can help decrease your calorie intake up to twenty percent! The thing is, a smaller plate gives you an illusion of more food as compared to a bigger plate. This enables you to feel more full and avoid a second serving.
Who said size didn’t matter?

Hit the sack!

sleep better

A good night’s sleep is the best health hack possible! It’s free and easy and has tons of benefits. Your sleep pattern is directly linked to your overall health. A disturbed sleep pattern can lead to obesity, heart disease and even depression. Why miss out on something so crucial to your health?
It’s time you increase your shut-eye time!

No more excuses, girls! Healthy living can’t get any easier. Fit in these handy tips in your busy schedule to improve the quality of your life! Health is wealth, indeed!

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