Healthy Hair – The Natural Way

Hair loss and flat hair are recurring problems among women now days. It’s caused due to pollution, emotional stress, excessive blow drying or using too many unnatural products on ones hair. Brands come up with shampoos ranging from hairfall therapy to deep cleanse to even a rejuvenating shampoo equivalent to a spa! But nothing beats the use of natural everyday house hold products to get thick shiny healthy hair. Here are some of the products you can apply in your hair on a weekly basis to prevent them from any sort of damage.

Olive oil is something one would only think of using in the kitchen. But it’s great for hair as well; it helps soften and strengthen the tresses. Apply it on your hair and massage it in for half an hour or leave it overnight and then wash your hair off with any mild shampoo of your choice. This can be done once or twice a week. You will see results in less than two weeks, and that’s a promise!



Use an apple cider vinegar mixture to rinse out your hair after a wash. Take about 75ml of apple cider and mix it into 1 litre of water. Every time you wash your hair take about one cup of this mixture and rinse your hair well with it. This helps cleanse your scalp and also maintain the pH levels of your hair to prevent it from getting oily. This is also a great remedy to accelerate hair growth.



Amla is another great household item that can work wonders on your hair. Take about one tablespoon of amla powder or two tablespoons of alma juice ad mix it with the juice of one lemon. Rub this mixture on to your scalp and massage it in for a good twenty minutes. Shampoo it out and rinse well. This helps hair grow longer and even gives it that rich fuller look. This can be done once a week for at least a month to see best results.



When you think of strawberries you automatically think of dessert right? Well you can smash around 8 strawberries and mix them with a table spoon of mayonnaise and apply that mixture on your scalp. If you wish to use other berries like blueberry,raspberry etc feel free to do so. This rich berry mixture wil leave your hair smooth and glossy – just like you see it in most shampoo ads.



Potato juice is a great remedy for thin hair. Most people think potatoes can only be used in the kitchen but here’s how you can shift them to the bathroom!  Squeeze out around a cup full of potato juice and massage it into your hair. This juice is rich in vitamin A,B and C which are great for your hair. Not only will it give a fuller look but it also helps make hair thicker and healthier.



When I think of coconut milk it automatically reminds me of Thai food. But you can apple coconut milk to your hair overnight and you will see the difference the next morning! Once you keep it on all night long just rinse it off with cool water the next day. Coconuts are rich in proteins, irons and other nutrients which are essential for hair. It helps promote hair growth and prevent breaking as well as damaging.



Well these are some great remedies which worked wonders for me. Hope they work as well for you. Such natural solutions can never damage your hair so try away!

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