Here’s How To Leave Behind Your Lingerie Problems In 2018

Ladies, we are not going to go into 2019 with 2018 problems, especially if they are the good ol’ lingerie problems! Straps digging into your skin, underwires ready to stab your heart, cups flopping around like uncontrollable babies and what not! But how exactly can we manage to put all these at bay? Read on to find out!

  1. Size Does Matter

We absolutely cannot stress this point enough! The right size of the bra can make or break your look in seconds. An off-putting bra can not only make your assets look absurd, you could also be subjected to intense discomfort as well. Measure your breasts correctly. Always!

2. Nude Is Not Just A Colour…

…it is a feeling! The feeling of being confident in your skin and owning your body with all of its beautiful flaws. But, you need to get the right shade of nude for that, if you’re looking to wear it under whites maybe. While you may be tempted to put on a white bra and panties under white clothing, it’s not always a great idea because white colour tends to stand out way too much, even from over your clothes. To get rid of this, opt for a subtle nude shade, closest to your skintone and watch these annoying lingerie problems vanish quickly!

3. Chafing aka The OG Party Pooper

You’re on the dance floor. You’re about to break into your signature dance move and flail your hands in the air like you just don’t care. Chances are high that this dream sequence of yours has been shattered quite a few times, thanks to all the chafing from that fancy ass. Ladies, you might be using too tight a bra or one with an irritating fabric. Change these and you shall dance away all your blues.

4. Slippery Slopes

Nothing is as annoying as a bra strap that keeps on sliding off your shoulder. Now that might make you feel proud of your buttery skin but let’s face it, we could do with some comfort. You should tighten the straps, if adjustable and if doesn’t solve the problem even then, you might want to buy a bra smaller in size. Racerback bras also tend to be very helpful in these case, for the ones with smaller shoulder.

5. Headlights On

It’s not the 50’s, so we can safely bid bras that make our tits visible a goodbye. While having a padded bra is always helpful in this scenario, you may not want to keep them caged daily. Opt for a slightly lined bra to turn off those pesky headlights. Using pasties can also be a good and easy option.

We hope you don’t carry the burden of your lingerie problems into 2019 with you. You deserve so much better!

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