#HeritageHoarder: Must Have Rajasthani Jewellery

Rajasthan is much more than hawelis, colourful attires and terrific artforms. It is home to some of the most stunning jewellery ever created! Made with precious stones and metals, Rajasthani jewellery is an entire segment of jewellery that is not yet fully explored. There is so much to it that we have created a list of all the must have Rajasthani jewellery items and we’re sure you’re gonna fall in love!

 1. Borla

For the queen inside you cannot be satisfied with a plain ass crown. You’ve got to have a borla! It looks similar to your regular maangtikka, except that is round in shape and more regal. A borla will make you stand out from the crowd with just the same kundan maangtikkas doing the rounds all over.

2. Hasli

If you are not much into maharani vibes and yet want to have some heritage etched out onto your body, a hasli might be your own fav amongst the must have Rajasthani jewellery items! A hasli is a choker of sorts, made out of silver metal and engraved with different motifs. It is usually accompanied with matching bangles and anklets for a complete look. The boho vibes are strong with this one!

3. Nath

We all are loving the recent trend of oversized naths worn by brides at weddings. Is any of us even close to getting over Anushka Sharma’s wedding look?! Heck, no! These naths are an essential must have Rajasthani jewellery item. They look ultra glam with the perfect touch of heritage charm. You can wear a smaller nath at some desi event. Why wait for marriage?!

4. Pacheli

We all love traditional bangles and the charm they hold but rarely does anything overpower the royal grandeur of a pacheli. A pacheli refers to a bangle, usually worn in pairs, that have round protrusions on the outside, often embellished with kundan and other such precious stones. Ditch your plain old bangles for pacheli this wedding season and watch your wrists do all the talking.

5. Baajubandh

A list of must have Rajasthani jewellery will be incomplete without the beautiful and dainty baajubandh or armlets, as you would know. A traditional Rajasthani baajubandh is made up of immaculate meenakari work with shades of red and green dominating the exquisite piece of jewellery. A baajubandh is bound to add a sense of elegance to your look with utmost panache!


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