Hong Kong : The Ultimate Shopping Destination

Hong Kong is mecca for women who love to shop. Hong Kong no doubt is the best shopping place in the world with reasonable prices, various products and amazing street food. Because Hong Kong has no sales tax and is also a duty free port it’s long been a favorite shopping destination. Surely the best 3 buys are: Cosmetics, Clothes and Electronic appliances. The city’s heritage as an international centre of trade has led to an incredible variety of goods, while the local passion for buying and selling infects almost every corner of the city and all those who enter it. Most of the goods are from all over the world, except wine and cigarettes, are tax free and prices are relatively low. Bargaining is expected and essential when shopping in HK. So, don’t bother trying to haggle in any shopping malls, stores or retail chains. Skyscraper malls, chubby-hole stores, factory outlets, luxury chick and hip boutiques- even if your wardrobe doesn’t need an expansion, the sheer variety of clothes here it is a tempting sight to behold. Whether you’re a ‘mallster’ or a ‘market hand’ there’s plenty to choose from in Asia’s world city. It’s little wonder that few visitors pass through Hong Kong without first testing their luggage weight allowance. With so many shops, markets and malls in Hong Kong where do you even start..?
So, here’s a list of must visit places in Hong Kong to shop.





Designer Gallery offers selected quality products from Hong Kong designers. It is a retail venue solely dedicated to the promotion of creativity, motivation and product excellence of local designs. It is surely a one stop a specialty shop for the travelers. The variety of products in store ranging from fashion accessories, watches and household decorations to premium goods.



street shopping

Adventurous travelers should for sure checkout the top street markets in Hong Kong, where you can experience the real local life in Hong Kong and by local products (including clothes, unique souvenirs, electronic products).
The Ladies Market in Tung Choi Street is a great destination for the fashion conscious and those with an eye for bargain priced shoes, watches, cosmetics , clothes etc.
Stanley Market is a street market on Hong Kong Island. It is a perfect place to buy something special for friends and relatives. It also has several bars and restaurants offering French, American, Indian and Vietnamese foods.
Temple Street Night Market is a wonderful place to visit and to dine in. If you are a shopper it has astonishing variety of clothing, CD’s, hardware, watches etc and will not disappoint you.




Tsim Sha Tsui is a giant world Bazaar. Here you’ll journey past Bollywood- themed memorabilia, Shanghainese tailor, sweet-talking restaurants, gorgeous jewellery, international brand name stores and Asian street label boutiques. The Tsim Sha Tsui Centre and Empire Centre, invites you to rest those protesting feet for a while at a habour side alfresco bar and restaurant. It is a aflourishing luxury shopping and recreational areas.




Causeway Bay is less ritzyand pricey in compared to other areas. This areas is usually very lively and packed with shoppers everyday of the week. Causeway Bay also has a great concentration of shopping malls and departmental stores. The best shopping malls in area are : The Caroline Centre, Times Square, Fashion Island and Lee Theatre Plaza.




Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. It seems that everywhere you turn there are fabulous malls, outlets, markets and boutiques. IFC has a definite edge though, with a variety of designer boutiques that should please even the most fashionista including Armani Exchange, Tiffany & Co, Juicy Couture, Givenchy, Escada, Burberry, Bulgari etc. Dining options range from casual to elegant.



Also known as ‘ Women’s Street ‘ as it mainly sell goods only for women. It is also notorious as a haven for various pirated and counterfeit Luxe items such as Louis Vuitton’s or Gucci’s or Versace’s etc. Ladies Market is the most well known street market in Mangkok. Area of Hong Kong, selling items of various kinds and has many products for sale and you can haggle with the shop keeper. Mang Kok is perpetually packed and very happening.



Fashionistas flock towards this sanctuary of street side shopping in Causeway Bay. Same of the best of the world’s high-end fashion and Japanese and European mid-priced brands are on offer across the streets.



If you want the designer wear but don’t want to torture your wallet with thousands of dollar, you walk into the inconspicuous shops in this little hidden mall not far away from Times Square in Causeway bay. They sell the high-end fashion you find in the luxury department stores for a fraction of the original price due to close links to the manufacturers in China. But be prepared for cut off labels due to license restrictions.



From giant malls to bustling street markets to fabulous discount outlets, no matter what you want and how much you want to pay for it, there is something for everyone!

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