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No matter what you eat, ultimately you’re consuming calories. And despite the golden “rule” that celebration calories don’t count as calories, I have to inform you with a heavy heart that they very much do. But one would think that after binge eating burgers and pizzas ie “the unhealthy food”, coming back to our good old home made Indian food is comparatively a diet! So is that really the case? Sorry to burst another bubble but Indian food isn’t as healthy as one would think! Even though most people believe American diner food is made out of fats and carbs, if you order grilled chicken and vegetables sides that won’t be the case. Similarly there’s a healthy well balanced element to Indian food and then the fully calorie loaded side! Ps the last part of the calories in Indian desserts is sure to send a chill down your spine.

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So a normal Indian meal would consist of 2 roti’s, one bowl full of dal and maybe 1-2 vegetables. Oh no, did I almost forget raita? Okay so depending on the size of the roti and the flour used, I can safely say that’s about 70-100 calories per roti. 2 table spoons of raita will be around 40 calories which one bowl of dal contains 96 calories (which I’m going to round off to 100). Vegetables like aloo gobi and aloo beans make up around 100-150 calories (2-3 table spoons per veg).So if I add up that tally, it’s around 520-600 calories which is pretty decent since we need around 1400-2000 calories per day!

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For those of you who don’t really believe in the pure vegetarian diet and consider themselves die hard chicken and mutton eaters, I came up with some numbers for you as well. Assuming you’re having chicken curry or rogan josh, it would be around 200 calories per dish per individual serving (that’s like one little bowl). Dry items like tandoori chicken and mutton keema are not more than 200-300 calories per serving (dry aka healthy I guess). So that makes the gravy items with rice – with some raita of course – to be 450 to 550 calories depending on your serving size. The dry items with roti are almost similar, coming up to approx 490 calories (roti has more calories than rice, thus the balance).

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Coming to the ‘Sunday special’ lunches, one helping of rajma rice will have 430 calories where as butter chicken rice will contain 480 calories. Keep in mind this is based on one serving – half a cup of rice and 1 full bowl of the ‘rice topper’. The most loved aloo protha has 160 calories per protha! The more sinful items like chole bhature help you consume 530 calories (2 bhatura’s and one bowl of chole) and aloo puri is something like 350 calories (2 puri’s and one bowl full of aloo). Items like pav bhaaji, just one plate with half a pav is around 180 calories, which makes one plate with 2 pavs around 600 calories! South Indian specialities like idli sambar and coconut chutney is approx 400 calories per serving. Okay now I’m just a little wary of the food I eat and I’m about to start counting calories (which might make me cry), so I’m going to shift to some Indian desserts!

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Not that talking about desserts will actually help because hello, sweet tooth! But anyhow, here’s the rundown of Indian desserts and their calorie intake. Note note note, every item I mention I’m JUST talking about the calories per serving ie PER PIECE. So one gulab jamun has 145 calories while one rasgula has 100 calories. The delicious milk cake contains 175 calories, kaju barfi has around 60 calories and the mouth water jalebi has 150 calories! I’m starting to feel a little scared now, curse you sweet tooth. So, one bowl of kheer has 200 calories while a bowl of suji halwa contains ‘just’ 440 calories.


So I’m going to stop now. Because my readers will either get a heart attack or you’ll get stressed and start binge eating (suggestion: avoid the Indian desserts). Download a calorie counting app on your phone or keep a small food journal. Write down everything you eat so you’re aware of what’s going into your system and how many calories you’re consuming per meal. Well rakhi is coming up soon; let’s hope you get some yummy Indian treats from your loving brother (evil laugh).

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