How To De-stress Over The Weekend

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There are a hundred things to stress over but how many ways do we know to de-stress ourselves? What is it that can help reduce the stress levels, make us feel a little relaxed and calm for some time during the weekend before we lose our mind and tempo to the ever-busy lifestyle that each one of us lives day-after-day every week? Social networking websites can’t always help us some get some fresh air if we just keep staring our phones, can they? Don’t worry friends; now don’t stress yourselves over THIS issue because I might just have some of the best options for you to help you distress over the weekend.


I know this post is about me telling what you CAN and SHOULD do but before I begin with that I would like to ask you to NOT do this- drugs. It sure might seem like a very good and easy way out to many of you and these mind stimulating substances do in fact take you to a parallel universe for some time and make you feel ‘light’ but trust me, its harmful in the long run and since some of them are irresistibly more addictive than the others they may cause chronic damage. So when I say try something ‘recreational’ or ‘fun’ I DO NOT mean trying drugs.

say no to drugs stay drug free


water for muscle power

I would highly recommend trying going to a nearby gym or park for some physical exercise, depending on your area of interest. Some of you might have gone gymming before but due to your insanely crazy work/study schedule have not been able to devote much time to it. Come weekend and its a good time to hit the gym! The workouts will keep you busy and help you keep fit.

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working out at the gym


While some of you may be gym freaks, others might be more interested in working out in the open. Jogging/running and doing yoga and stretching exercises in a park/garden filled with trees and nice green grass with so much fresh air around you will not only help relax your body but will also pump up your breathing which is also a great necessity in order to distress.

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exercising in a park


couple enjoying cycling

Take that old cycle of yours, give it a little servicing and hit the road! Its eco-friendly, smooth, affordable, feasible and is a great exercise for your muscles. Early morning before it gets too sunny and evening before sunset are the best hours during the day to go cycling. Inhaling the fresh morning and cool evening breeze has a very calming effect on our body and manages to distress us. Moreover, in this way one’s body gets a chance to absorb Vitamin D which is very essential for the body. After all, how often does one get out in the sun nowadays?

cycling is good for health


Well, it’s a weekend and it’s time to explore the city’s nightlife with your friends, isn’t it? Plan an evening out with your buddies a week in advance and go have a few drinks and some nice mouth-watering food at your favourite restaurant. Not only will you get to hog on some delicacies but such an outing will also  give you a chance to catch up with each other and talk about your life at work and otherwise. Also, who doesn’t like dressing up once in a while?

dancing going out with friends


drinks with friends at home

Too tired to go out and party but too bored and stressed out to just stay at home? Why not call your friends over instead? You wouldn’t need to compromise on the comfort of home and the best part about a house party- no restrictions, unlimited music and dancing, lots of food and drinks! There, you just killed two birds with a single shot!

house partyPool party at home



Thinking about “AAJ KUCH TOOFANI KARTE HAIN”? The past week’s been a total chaos with so much work going on in the office and you have this weekend before another whole week of office buzz. Thinking about making the most of the weekend by doing something different? Something more, er, adventurous? Thrilling? What about some trekking and mountain climbing? Or a ride to the nearest hills? Or maybe just bird watching and some photography? Sounds like a quick and exciting getaway, right?

cliff diving trekkingtrip with friends   Mountaineering


spa necessities

Aah! The spa therapy! After all the weekly drama you DESERVE a little pampering, don’t you? Weekend goals, I tell you. Who doesn’t need a little head and body massage, a little manicure and a little pedicure, a little bit of this and a little bit of that… don’t keep dreaming now.

spa therapy spa treatments inside a spa


What is that one thing that just springs up your creative bone? It could be anything from dancing or cooking to singing or painting. And none of this requires too much work if its something that you’ve always been so passionate about but haven’t been able to devote much time to lately.  Weekend’s here and what better time to relax your body and get creative than now?

dance      cooking is fun



ice skating

If you have the sporty spirit in you then playing outdoor sports might just be your therapy to the stress. Also, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, doesn’t it? A little bit of exercise during the weekend helps boost your energy levels and also improves your stamina, thus making you more active. Also, the sportsman spirit which is required everywhere is something that you inculcate in yourself through some sports and outdoor games. So, its not just for your body to stay fit and active but also for some peace of mind that you need to indulge in some game or the other.

lawn tennis playing footballswimming


Reading at home

Reading has always been known to calm the mind and body and fill it with some positivity. Not only do you gain immense knowledge from reading but also relax your soul and conserve some energy for other chores and duties. It helps you disconnect with the outer world and reconnect with your inner soul. In this way you are physically doing nothing but mentally you’re in the process of distressing.

Reading is magic engrossed in reading


shopping quotes           quote on shopping

Well, nothing’s ever known to be as good a stress buster as shopping, isn’t it? I must admit it that this might be specifically for the shopaholics out there, and if I must be more precise- the girl gang! You’ve been craving that F21 dress for quite some time and now’s the only chance before you can even think of going to that store with your girlfriends on any other day. Who knows they might run out of stock! It would be a shame to while away the weekend wasting your time doing nothing when you could go shopping and buy that dress you’ve been eyeing all this long. What say, ladies?

shopping with friends   shopping therapy quote



We all are busy with our lives and though it keeps getting more hectic day by day it is important to give our body some rest from time to time so that it re-energizes. No matter how busy you are always take out some time during the weekend to relieve some of that stress and relax your body. Happy Rejuvenating!

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