How To Dress As A Guest For A Summer Wedding!

Being invited to a wedding means two things: You get to enjoy yourself, savour excellent wine and champagne and you get to dress to impress!

Sure, all the attention is supposed to be focused on the bride, but it doesn’t hurt to be a little head turner as well.

Here are some ways on how you should dress for a summer wedding:

1. Go all with with a full length chic gown:

2. Get yourself a nice fitting jumpsuit and pair it with a contrasting blazer. You’ll have yourself the classic fashion combo:

 nice fitting jumpsuit and pair it with a contrasting blazer



3. If you opt for a short cocktail dress, make sure you choose one that has a vibrant colour or one with a unique yet,crowd-parting design:

 short cocktail dress

Remember that accessories matter! If you don’t have anything jazzy enough for a wedding,just leave it up to your shoes and jewelry to do all the talking!


4. Be different and go for a nice sophisticated pair of trousers and combine it with a worthy top:

pair of trousers with top



5. Keep things simple yet,classy with an elegant body con dress:

elegant body con dress


6. Are you a daredevil? If yes,be ready to go all out and break the cardinal rule of dressing for a wedding: Wear white:

rule of dressing for a wedding: Wear white



A wedding is normally a call for celebration but it is definitely a fashion parade itself! With these tips in mind,you can rest assured that you will look fabulous at any wedding you attend! So, be prepared for a ton of compliments and maybe a few cellphone number handouts as well! 😉

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