How To : Dress Like A Fashion Blogger

Fashion Bloggers try to keep up with everything, the constant changes of fashion, the updating, and also the amount of money in our wallets. But hey, no one actually is born with a great knowledge of fashion or even a great taste. We all do research, we all search inspiration, we all wore terrible terrible outfits that will probably haunt us for the rest of our lives. Tell you what, before every fashion blogger out there got first row pass to London’s Fashion Week, they failed. And you will too but my dear, that’s how you learn. To prevent you from failing, though (and learning that way, sorry!), here’s an up-to-date way to dress like a fashion blogger.

Basic Pieces:

Midi Skirt: I have to say, they’re an absolute must-have. They’re comfy, cute in a not-completely-girly way and perfect for every occasion.

Basic Pieces: Midi Skirt Basic Pieces: Midi Skirt Basic Pieces: Midi Skirt


High Waisted Pants & Mom Jeans: High Waisted pants can be worn with everything and they highlight your effortless look by capturing the  60’s – 70’s vibe (which I shall say it was a great time for fashion).

Basic Pieces: High Waisted Pants & Mom Jeans Basic Pieces: High Waisted Pants & Mom Jeans Basic Pieces: High Waisted Pants & Mom Jeans


Denim Dresses: Denim Dresses are the epitome of one’s casual style and they’re all over the trends!

Basic Pieces: Denim Dress Basic Pieces: Denim Dress Basic Pieces: Denim Dress

Accessories & Shoes:

Sunglasses: Sunnies protect your eyes but also play a major role to your style and creativity!

Accessories: Sunglasses Accessories: Sunglasses Accessories: Sunglasses


Bags: If in doubt, always choose leather. Leather bags are classic, as they never fall out of fashion, choose vintage-y pieces and keep them in your wardrobe forever!

Accessories: Bags Accessories: Bags Accessories: Bags


Hats: Fedora hats have disappeared from the trends for quite some time, but now they’re back and it seems like they’re here to stay.

Accessories: HatsAccessories: HatsAccessories: Hats


Sneakers: Sneakers are ideal for an active person, they keep your feet comfy and they hold your spine in the right position, they even help you exercise. Lovely shoes!

Sneakers Sneakers


Sandals: Choose flat sandals and be fashionable without having to worry about heels and the sense of numbness they bring after worn for long periods.



Lipsticks: To create the perfect fashion blogger style, always, always choose mate lipsticks.

Makeup: LipstickMakeup: Lipstickmac-russian-red lipstick


Eyeliner/Pencils/Shadows: One thing that’s a must to fashion bloggers about makeup? Cat eye. Winged eyeliner is always on. As for the pencils and the shadows, the most used pencil colour is black and moving to the eye shadows, I’d say the nude colour pallet.

Makeup: Eyeliner/Pencils/Shadows Makeup: Eyeliner/Pencils/Shadows Makeup: Eyeliner/Pencils/Shadows


Powder/Foundation: Choose nude colours, close to the colour of your face, never use too much bronzer or other tanning products.

Makeup: Powder/Foundation Makeup: Powder/Foundation


Mascara: The only thing that certainly has to be great about mascara is the brush. Try to choose brushes that add volume to your look.

Makeup: Mascara Makeup: Mascara


Clothes, accessories and shoes (except for sneakers) are from forever21
Makeup is from maccosmetics
Sneakers are from nike

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