How to dress like the Pretty Little Liars?

Pretty Little Liars

It’s time for some pretty little liars dressing 😉 The two week long wait is over *yay*. Tonight, PLL will be back and the search for A begins again. But still there are a few hours of waiting. Even we are waiting eagerly to know who A is and the wait is killing us. To kill time, we bring you pointers on how to look the way our pretty liars look on tonight’s episode.


Aria always has the perfect dressing sense. She rocks every look , from bob to long hair and back to bob again. Let’s see what she will be wearing on tonight’s episode!


We can see that Aria is back with a rock chick look this time. We have decoded her outfit and brought it to you today.

Aria's Outfit


Aria, for the first time on the show, went for this risky and distressed outfit.

Where you can get them :

Aria’s Jacket : Tie-Dye Faux Leather Moto

Shirt : All Tore Up T-Shirt

Jeans : Levi’s® Pitch Black Demi Slim Jeans

You can choose any kind of footwear you like, but we personally recommend high-heeled black boots to go with the outfit.


Spencer’s outfits are the ones we always lust after. She has the perfect mix of elegance and simplicity.

Spencer's Outfit

Outfit Decoded :

Jacket : Denim Girlfriend Jacket in Black

Shirt : Escada Art Nouveau Dondi Top, Black


Black converse shoes will look good with the jeans and denim jacket.


Hanna is the fashionista of the group. She tries out every latest trend and knows how to add her personal touch to it. In tonight’s episode too, she looked dazzling. We have brought to you her look, completely decoded.

Hanna's Outfit


Where can you get them :

Jacket/Shrug : To add a bit of shimmer to the outfit, we picked this MSK Deep Women’s Plus Textured Shimmer Bolero Shrug .

Shirt : Long Sleeve Floral Reverse Burnout Top, a complete fashionable top for a beautiful fashionista.

Jeans : Women’s Colored Stretch Skinny Jeans, the brown jeans gives the outfit a whole new look.

You can wear tan colored pumps to complete the outfit.


We couldn’t catch a proper glimpse of Emily in the promotional pictures to decipher her looks. But Mona looked ravishing. Her sheer black top and black jeans paired with knee-length boots! Though some may hate her, they can’t loathe her look in tonight’s episode.

Mona's Outfit

Dress Deciphered :


Shirt : Rock Guitar Jacquard Blouse

Jeans : Monki Moki Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

Boots : Marc Fisher Dolca Moto Boots

We couldn’t catch even Alison’s outfit in the promotional pictures or the video. We have brought to you the closest looking dresses that matched the outfits of the liars in tonight’s episode. We can’t wait for the episode any longer and we know you people are right feeling as crazy and impatient as us waiting for the episode to telecast. Do you think tonight’s episode will prove that Leslie is A or do you think that the writer is misleading us like the many times she did before?
Do you like the outfits we picked out today for you? Let us know what you think. We will be back again with another article on next episode’s outfits of each liar.


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