Whether you’re an athlete or just a gym freak, wearing the right attire is of utmost importance so that you feel at ease during your workout. There are no set rules or uniforms but some types of clothes are simply better than others when it comes to comfortable active wear or gym wear. Moreover, who doesn’t like being a little chic and trendy?

women's workout clothing men's work out gear


women's tank top and shortsMen's red tank top

Yes, the most basic yet trendy piece of clothing to wear to the gym. It’s the most commonly worn garment by the younger generation. Tank tops, whether worn by men or women, allow the skin to breathe and help in easy movement of the arms too.


If you’re not too conscious of your arms you can always opt for these. And if showing off a little bit of your back is also not an issue then one could always opt for razor back tank tops as well. Black, pink, peach and orange are the most popular colours for tops among women’s active wear.

women's strapped tank top Women's peach coloured tank top


Men can always keep a check on their improving biceps and stretch their arms freely in sleeveless/razor back tank tops. Red, green, black and blue are the colours often preferred by men.

Men's red coloured tank top Men's tank tops Men's grey tank top


Being confident in your own body is the best way to feel good about yourself. So is wearing the right and most comfortable clothing. For women who have a well shaped torso from previous dedicated workout regimes, wearing sports bra can be a great confidence booster for them and can keep them motivated to continue working out regularly so that they don’t lose that toned look.

blue sports bra women in sports bra jogging in a sports bra


Bright coloured round neck t-shirts are the safest options for regular gym goers. They can be paired with shorts, tights or loose track pants and are quite comfortable as well.


women's gym fashion Puma pink round neck t shirt

Women could also opt for cropped tops, though for a gym work out they sound too over the top. Again, its all on one’s comfort level.


grey cropped top adidas cropped top



sleeveless round neck t shirt men's nike t shirtround neck t shirts


The idea behind wearing a sweatshirt while working out because it helps you lose body weight is only slightly true as it helps you lose water weight in the form of sweat and not body fat weight. So, on an already hot or warm day wearing a sweatshirt at the gym is not going to help you much. But on a cold day when you go for an outdoor workout wearing a sweatshirt would be a good idea as it would help your muscles keep warm and prevent any sort of cramps or pulls. Nowadays, sweatshirts too come in a blast of colours and designs.


high waisted yoga pantsgym style workout sweatshirts



cowl neck sweatshirtwhite sweatshirt



Yoga pants and running shorts look very chic and add a touch of style to one’s workout attire. Gone are the days of loose track pants. Now, women and girls prefer wearing body fitted pants or shorts that make them feel stylish and enhance the toned look of their legs. Also, printed yoga pants are a hot thing among women nowadays!

women's stretch cotton track pants printed yoga pants grey yoga pants women's shorts for the gym


Even boys have a range of prints and colours to choose from when it comes to dressing trendy for the gym. From abstract prints to fancy graphics, from joggers pants to running shorts men too can show off their vibrant side and still look stylish and masculine enough for a workout routine.

men's training pants men's printed jogger's pants men's hip hop pants


Wearing the right shoes is again, another very important aspect of your entire workout/gym attire to be taken care of. A wrong show could not only spoil your look but could also lead to unwanted injuries or inconvenience.

For girls as well as boys shoes are available in numerous colours and designs. Be it neon, abstract or just a posh design of the product, shoes are no more just necessities, they are an essential part of one’s gym wardrobe and add glam to it.


neon gym shoes for womenwomen's gym shoes



men's yellow running shows men's training shoes

Dressing in a particular way for the gym may not necessarily affect one’s workout routine or disrupt their physical exercise but wearing something attractive and most importantly FEELING attractive in an outfit, be it for a trip to the gym, can pep up one’s glam quotient and also make them want to hit the gym more often. So if wearing something fashionable to the gym makes you feel great about your body and keeps you motivated to work out more often then you know it’s the right work out get up for you.


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